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If you are one of the many students who has decided make a LPN to BSN advancement, you may be wondering what you can expect from the program you are about to embark on. For many, who choose to go from LPN to BSN, online programs are the best option because of the flexibility they offer, as well as the more personalized training that a student can receive by having more one-on-one interaction with the instructor. In addition, students are able to choose which school they most want to attend. By searching through resources, such as The College Network, students have more flexibility to choose their dream school rather than be limited to the one that is closest in proximity.

While each LPN to BSN degree program varies in nature, the following are some of the more popular courses that students choose to pursue:

1. Health Assessment
Assessing a person’s health is an important part of a nurse’s job. In this type of course, a student can learn how to interview patients, review health history and do specific testing needed to get a better glimpse of a person’s overall health.

2. Basics of Pediatric Nursing
Pediatric patients have unique health needs, which is why many nurses choose to learn more about these special patients. From psychological to developmental aspects, nurses must care for these patients differently than adults.

3. Palliative Care
In the final days of life, medical professionals face a unique challenge of keeping a person comforted, rather than trying to restore their health. This requires a different type of care and understanding for what a person is going through.

4. Surgical Nursing Care
Post surgery, patients are exposed to infection and more susceptible to disease. Therefore, treatments for patients must vary and more precautionary measures must be taken when handling these delicate people. From open cuts to changing dressings, there are specific ways to handle a person after they have been through the trauma of surgery.

5. Nutrition
The dietary needs of patients change constantly, and various people require specialized care when it comes to what they eat. It is the job of their healthcare staff to understand what this specialized care consists of and how food can affect the performance of the body.

6. Pharmaceutical Training
Another important aspect is to learn how drugs interact with the chemistry system in a person’s body. The wrong cocktail of drugs can be fatal to a person, so knowing what a person needs to take and what they absolutely cannot take is important.

Because of online-education options, students now have the flexibility in their already very hectic work schedules to open the door up to more possibilities for advancing or changing their careers.

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