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If you are suffering with cardiovascular problems, it is important for you to have the right doctor.  There are many San Diego Cardiovascular physician and clinics to choose from.  With so many choices, how do you know which one is the best one for you?  Choosing the right doctor may turn out to be the most important decision you will make. How long you will live and the quality of your life may well depend on it.

What To Look For In Choosing A San Diego Cardiovascular Physician

A Doctors Personality

Although skill should be your paramount concern, there are other factors to consider.   If you are constantly at odds with your doctor, if you feel patronized, or uneasy for any reason, this is reason enough to consider not choosing this doctor for your primary cardiovascular care.  Choose a cardiologist who communicates well. Two-way communication is an essential part of keeping you healthy. You should never be made to feel stupid when you ask a question, no matter what it is. It is important to feel comfortable when you ask questions, and equally important that the answers be in terms you can understand.  Your San Diego cardiovascular physician should make you feel that your visit and your problems are the major focus of his or her attention, during your visit, you should be made to feel that your well-being is the most important factor in the world.


When you choose a cardiologist, you are also often choosing a hospital. Cardiologists have privileges. This means they are only permitted to practice in certain hospitals.  If you need hospitalization, you will be admitted where your doctor practices. If you like the doctor, but you have reservations about the hospital   where he   or she works,   that is   a consideration. Your San Diego cardiovascular physician should be affiliated with or listed as a consultant with many San Diego area hospitals.

Essential Tips in Choosing your Cardiologist

If you are choosing a new San Diego cardiovascular physician, here are some essential steps: Call your local medical society and ask for a directory or referral guide. This lists the education, training and sometimes the special interests of the doctors in your area.

Check the cardiologists’ background. Look for degrees and documentation of training from the best medical schools and institutions. While this is no guarantee, it can be an indication of quality.  Your San Diego cardiovascular doctor should be able to give you most of this information and show you his certifications and documentation if you ask.

Ask other people. If you have friends who are health professionals, ask who they go to and why. Hospital nurses have an excellent vantage point for seeing doctors in action.  Many San Diego hospitals can also refer you to cardiologists that they work with on a regular basis.

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