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Second hand forklifts can be a good investment for businesses when compared with new trucks. However, buyers need to be cautious and understand exactly what they’re buying. What do you need to take into consideration when looking for used forklifts?

For certain businesses, a used forklift truck can be a better choice than a new one. Generally if the vehicle isn’t going to be in constant use, then a second hand one will be more cost effective. There are certain risks attached to buying used equipment, so here are some top tips on what to look for.

Buying from the Right Place 

Forklift trucks can be bought from a range of companies, including dealers, hire companies and businesses themselves. It’s important that you research where you’re buying the truck from, as well as the vehicle itself. If the supplier can provide an additional warranty or guarantee you can be more confident of the quality. You should choose one with a good reputation for providing quality and reliable vehicles.


Choosing the Right Truck

Wherever you purchase your forklift from, including companies such as Trucks Direct UK, it’s important that you choose one that’s right for your requirements. You need to consider:
–       The environment it’s to be used in
–       The maximum height and load capabilities
–       Maintenance history
–       Your budget

It’s important to think about how and where you’ll be using the forklift. Electric trucks are a good option for use indoors, as they release no emissions and are much quieter when operating. However, for heavy, industrial loads a diesel or gas model would be a better option.

You need to look at the maximum capacity of the truck and the types of loads you’ll need lifting. Forklifts are available to lift a range of weights and you don’t want to be at risk of overloading. It’s always best to choose one that meets the maximum load you have. They also have different lift heights, so you need one that will reach the highest level you currently have.

The maintenance history of a vehicle is crucial to help you determine the future operating costs and highlight any potential issues. The hours a truck has operated for are more important than the age of it. The records will show when and how often it’s been serviced, as well as any recurring issues or repairs. Take into account the price of spares and accessories, as well as the cost of fuel or new batteries.

Have a look at the overall appearance of the truck. A shabby exterior with dents and scratches could indicate that it’s not been well maintained. Look for any obvious leaks or signs of damage. Before committing to buying make sure a qualified operator takes it for a test drive to ensure it handles correctly.

Used forklift trucks for sale can offer a better investment than new models. It could help your company buy a better model and stops you having capital tied up for years.


Andrew Hughes writes regularly on industrial machinery for a range of supply chain and logistical websites and blogs. He has researched the market in used forklift trucks for sale to understand exactly what’s available, including those from Trucks Direct UK.