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Dartmouth is a seaport on the sunny South Devon coast. The river dart estuary is renowned for its excellent deep water harbour and its wealth of historical interest. Settlers have lived around Dartmouth since prehistoric times and the town’s rich maritime past has been documented for over 800 years, so lovers of history will find themselves inundated with things to see and do.

The town of Dartmouth and its surrounding villages retain a seaside quaintness which the majority of other English seaside resorts have lost in recent years. The charming architecture and cobbled streets is quintessentially ‘British seaside’ and will delight those who remember trips to the sea in their youth. Have a look at the Dartmouth cottages which make romantic and picturesque getaways. Those that are still young, or at least young at heart, will have fun spotting the intriguingly named streets such as ‘Jawbone’ and ‘Damnation alley’ which hint of pirates and smugglers who may have used the port in the past.

If you’re a connoisseur of food, drink and local produce the farmer’s market will delight you. The market is also great is you’re staying in Dartmouth accommodation- what better excuse to sample the local culinary delights?

People who enjoy eating and drinking out will be spoilt for choice. Dartmouth has a vast array of restaurants which often specialise in locally caught, fresh seafood. Dartmouth also boasts many great tourist attractions unlike any other seaside destination.
Fans of the murder mystery writer Agatha Christie are able to visit her private riverside holiday home. Her book, “Dead Man’s folly” was even set in the boathouse of the grounds. For true Agatha Christie buffs, there’s the annual Agatha Christie festival held in honour of the writer. Every summer fans don period costumes and the Riviera becomes populated by numerous men dressed up as Hercule Poirot, (multiple Poirots would surely give any criminal cause for alarm).

Dartmouth is blessed with a wide variety of artistic and musical offerings and events. You can get involved in the community by going to a local drama event or watching glass being blown by master artisans. There are also many art galleries displaying an astounding array of local artwork which is sure to inspire. The local area is a haven for walkers andthere are many rambles available for the intrepid explorer. If you’re up for an easy 1.4 mile hike then the 360 degree panoramic view from the fire tower on top of Gile Mountain will give you a bird’s eye perspective of the local area. Well worth the walk!

Families are well catered for in Dartmouth. There are special events arranged for children to take part in all year round. If your kids think they’re very brave then Dartmouth castle offers family ghost tours in the castle at night, led by a guide dressed as a historical character.

Lara Moreton is a travel writer who owns a couple of Dartmouth Cottages and enjoys visiting the Devon Coastline regularly.