What You Can Do to Cool Down That One Hot Room In Your House

With summer heat comes the need to turn on your home’s air conditioner. Even with a top-quality air conditioner, though, you may still have a certain room in your home that you just can’t seem to get cool. Rather than running your central air conditioner non-stop, there are other steps you can take to finally get the temperature in that room to a comfortable level.

Add Heavy Curtains

In some cases, a hot room can be caused by excessive solar heat gain. In other words, as the sun shines through the windows in a room, the surfaces in that room heat up, thus heating the air in the room, as well. To prevent this from happening, you can install black-out curtains that prevent most or all of the sun’s rays from reaching the room. By closing these curtains during the times of day when the sun shines into the hot room, you’ll be able to keep it much cooler.

Check Your Vents

Sometimes, your hot room may have nothing to do with your home heating and cooling system itself. Instead, it may be due to blocked vents. If the vents to a certain room are blocked due to dust and debris, the cool air from your air conditioner will never be able to reach that room. Therefore, it makes sense to have your ducts cleaned by a professional duct cleaning company to ensure that your entire home is cooled and heated evenly.

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Add Some Insulation

In a perfect world, your home will have a thick layer of insulation around all of the exterior walls. However, this insulation can break down over time, leading to an excessive exchange of thermal energy with the outside. Fortunately, there are certain types of insulation that can be inserted into your walls without removing the drywall. This will help to restore the layer of thermal protection and prevent your room from excess heat.

Add a Ductless Unit

To really cool down a hot room, you can add a separate air conditioning unit to that room. Although this solution isn’t as common, adding one of these units, called a ductless mini-split system, can work in some applications. In a ductless unit, you have individual access to that unit so that you can easily control the temperature of the room where it’s installed. Thus, if you can’t solve your problem any other way, this could be your best option.

A hot room in your home could be caused by one factor or a multitude of factors. Therefore, as you work to correct the problem, it’s important to implement the solutions one at a time so that you can gauge their effectiveness. If one solution doesn’t work, then you can implement further solutions until you arrive at a long-term fix. This will provide a good outcome and ensure that you don’t waste money.

Lizzie W: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball. You can find her on Twitter @LizzieWeakley.

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