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Times are changing and the world is becoming smaller and smaller due to rules and restrictions regulating almost everything that we do. This is especially true in the world of air travel where changes and developments are constantly being updated to enhance our security in an attempt to stamp out terrorism and air-based tragedies and above all, to protect us.

The rules concerning what you can and can’t take on board your flight have been tightened over the last few years and it can all be a bit confusing for those who aren’t frequent flyers. That is why we have produced this guide.

Restricted/dangerous items
It may be common sense, but it’s well-worth reiterating for those who don’t fly often; you cannot take any objects that could cause injury to yourself and other passengers. Besides the obvious (guns, knives, weapons, explosives etc) this mainly includes: safety matches, non-safety matches and fireworks/flares/pyrotechnics (party poppers etc).

Chemicals and toxic substances including: bleach, acids, poisons etc are also banned along with oxygen tanks and fire extinguishers.

General airport advice
Airport security

Due to the increased security measures in place at all UK airports, it is strongly advisable that you allow plenty of time to get through the security gate and board your flight in time.

All of your hand luggage will be screened through an X-ray machine to make sure you haven’t breached the restrictions. You will also be asked to walk through a security archway which is a large metal and contraband detector.

You will more than likely be asked whether you packed your bags or not and whether you are carrying something on behalf of someone else- any answer besides ‘no’ to these questions is not an acceptable answer so strictly no joking here!

Security staff will ask you for:

–          Your coat and shoes

–          Your resealable bag of liquids and laptop, tablet or other large electrical items (will be screened separately from your hand luggage)

Security scanners

In 2010, security/body scanners called Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) were introduced in some UK airports following a review of airport security measures after an attempted attack over the Christmas period.

These scanners conduct full-body X-ray scans producing ghost-like images of the naked body. Though these devices can be found in a few UK airports, their future is in question due to the ethical reasons. The scanners have received a lot of negative feedback for invading privacy and the risk of radiation.

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