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What You Need to Know About Bed Bug DogsIn the mid-20th century, bed bugs which were once a common public health pest globally started facing a decline. However, over the past few years, it is like they have undergone a dramatic resurgence and there are reports worldwide of increasing number of bed bug infestations. You might think that you are a great traveler, but did you know that bed bugs are indeed one of the greatest travelers of the world considering that they can be transported via clothing, luggage, furniture and bedding. So what do you do when you have a bed bug infestation?

The first thing to do is to identify where the bed bugs are hiding which can be quite a task considering that bed bugs are very good at hiding. Luckily, bed bug sniffing dogs could be of great help. These sniffing dogs have the capability of sniffing through residents, apartments, and dorms hunting for these irritating pests. In fact, the dogs are increasingly being considered as the most effective way of detecting whether you have a bed bug infestation.

Why Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs?

In general, dogs tend to have a much better sense of smell than humans and that they can be trained to sniff out bedbugs.  That is probably why it makes sense for pest control companies to have bed bug sniffing dogs as part of their bed bug control arsenal. These dogs get trained in how to perform bed bug inspections by sniffing out bed bugs and their eggs, accurately pinpointing an otherwise invisible infestation.

As earlier indicated, bed bugs can be very hard to find considering that they are as small as an apple seed and they can burrow in some of the hard to find places and not just beds. They can hide in cracks or in between loosened wallpapers and that is why you will need help in locating and getting rid of them before they turn into overwhelming infestations.

How Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Work

Each bed bug sniffing dog is usually accompanied by an experienced bed bug inspector who works with the dog and has the ability to understand what the dog is “saying” when locating the hiding places of these pests. That way, when you hire a team of pest control specialists, it becomes very easy and quick to locate where the problem areas are. In fact, according to studies on bed bug control methods, properly trained dogs have been found to have about 96% accuracy levels when it comes to finding bed bugs.

Some of the top bed bug control service providers use certified bed bug sniffing dogs. This means that the dogs they use are not just sniffing dogs but they are also bed bug detectives whom have graduated from extensive training. In addition, the dogs have been trained to continually work on their keen sense of smell and have all the medical insurance. As a result of this, these dogs can get to the hard-to-reach places where the bed bugs are hiding.

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Jason Ihaji writes for a variety of websites.