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If you’re a girlfriend or wife or just have that special man in mind this Christmas then right here is where you find the low down on what he really wants in this year’s stocking, aside from you.

Men are simple creatures and although they might tell you otherwise this is a fact of life and treating them any differently may cause irrevocable damage to your relationship and throw their lives into turmoil and utter confusion.

Best advice, other than reading the ideas list below, is to watch them and other males at work and at play and before long you’ll have a pretty good picture in your head as to what makes them tick.

Note: Don’t try to second guess and definitely don’t ask them as they sometimes give you the answer that they think you want to hear rather than what they really most definitely want!

What Your Man Really Wants For Xmas

A Night Out with the Lads

Ok, the gloves are off already and if you haven’t worked out that what your man really wants this Christmas is a night out with his mates then you’re way past barking up the wrong tree so just stop and listen up. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy your company he just enjoys the company of his peers on a slightly lower level. Pub, sports hall, curry house or football match, you name it and he wants to do so give him the time off and a kiss out the door and you can guarantee that you’ll see a massive smile on his face as long as that necklace that you’ve been hinting for.

The Remote Control

Watching TV together is just what couples do and although your man may generously allow you to hold the remote control or even balance it on your side of the sofa, there’s no way that he’s not thinking about it every second that he’s watching the box. Best advice is to simply hand it over or even wrap it up and present it from under the tree because if you’re looking to get him something he’ll truly cherish then it’s that little black and grey clicker that’s as coveted as a leg of turkey.

A Decent Film

Aside from the remote control there’s another present that you can give your male partner this year and that’s a decent film to watch on the box. Netflix, Love Film or any other kind of downloadable or rentable movie is quite literally at your finger tips so what are you waiting for? War films, action nonsense or something dark and sinister by David Lynch, you name it and your man’s longing for it and if you can watch it with him without constantly interrupting or looking at your iphone then all the better.

Getting Out the Door on Time

Christmas is the time of year for giving and also socialising so the next time you’re heading out for dinner or trying to make the train as you head into town then if you can be ready and standing at the door fully dressed and ready to roll then there will be no sweeter moment this Xmas. Plan what you’re going to wear in advance and don’t deviate at the last minute, wear minimal make-up and ensure your hand bag is complete without forgetting anything – then and only then need you announce that you’re ready and make your man’s Christmas wishes come true.

For you to Answer the Phone to His Mother

Yes, he knows that you’ve got nothing against his dear old mum and that you do appreciate that she is getting on a bit and does tend to moan but for once this Christmas, please could you answer the phone to her and have a chat so he doesn’t have to? It’s hard enough for blokes to juggle one woman’s thought process let alone two so if you can do him the honour of speaking to his mother on the phone for at least 5 minutes then at least you’ll give him a chance to rest and prepare prior to taking the receiver.

An Evening Down the Local

Yes, it’s lovely to go round friend’s houses for a meal and yes, equally, that new restaurant where you can’t understand the menu is an absolute delight but please, this Christmas, take your chap down the boozer and order him a steak & chips and a beer. It’s not too much to ask to be taken out for a meal now and again and if you can see your way clear to not mentioning the décor, clientèle and the state of the cutlery then you’ll be doing everyone a favour.

An Adventure Holiday

If the cold of Christmas has got you feeling a little off colour then forget about heading to ultra jet tanning salon just simply get online and plan your next holiday away together. But wait! This is not about you, this is about your man and if you can ignore the allure of an expensive beach holiday resort and withstand the pressure of booking a boutique break in anyone of Europe’s premier cultural hubs then you’re half way to getting your man want this year. Think America holidays packed with adventure, think hiking trips in Nepal or spending nights out in the desert in northern Africa – getting the picture?

Whatever you’re thinking of getting your man this Christmas it has to be said that less is more and even if that means just making him a lovely meal (mainly of meat) and allowing him to watch the footy with a bottle of beer in his hand then all the better. Have great holiday and enjoy your time together x.