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How about a “Stranded on a desert island with a cigar” survival guide? Sure, why not?!

Luckily for you, this island location is probably humid and temperatures constant. Unlucky for you, there are many elements that can harm a cigar and your cigar accessories. The essentials for keeping your gear protected is simple if done properly. Let’s talk about what you’ll need.

The first step of cigar survival is owning a nice case. You probably don’t wish to carry around a full-size humidor, but having a case that is both rugged and mobile is key. There are many items available from many online cigar retailers (as well as your local shop, probably). My favorite cases are made by Cigar Caddy. These cases are perfect for cigar survival. They aren’t too bulky, they’re crushproof and waterproof down to about 100 feet. If you’re swimming between islands, you’ll certainly like to know that these also float on water! Humidification is also included on the larger models. Having a nice travel case is good regardless of your situation, but survival on a desert island makes this one of the most important essentials.

The next item you’ll need is a proper cutter. You certainly don’t want a crab trying to precision cut the cap off your cigar do you? There are many different styles of cigar cutters but my two particular favorite are the Xikar Multi-tool cutter and the Palio guillotine cutter. The Xikar have integrated scissors that make precision cuts a breeze. The Palio cutter is simply the best guillotine cutter I’ve come across (super sharp and high-quality).

Depending on the amount of shelter you’ve found on the island, you’ll need some type of fire source. Hopefully you placed your cigar lighter inside your new Cigar Caddy case! If so, any torch lighter you have with you will be safe. I prefer two- or three-flame torch lighters. Some people prefer matches, but the sea breeze will likely be a problem for your flammable needs. You’ll need some practice using a torch lighter for your cigar though, partly because over-lighting can cause the cigar to burn too hot. In turn this releases pungent oils from the tobacco. Big no-no! If you’ve forgotten your lighter… good luck with anything else!

Nobody wants to smoke alone with Wilson, but if you’re ever stranded, hopefully you brought with you the essentials for cigar survival! Oh, and please don’t litter your cigar bands everywhere!

Mike Dean is a guest blogging assistant with expertise in cigars who provides tips for beginners to become aficionados. Visit for information on winning the cigar lover’s trip of a lifetime!