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The Growing Trend

With the ever growing trend heading towards more electronic devices controlling lifestyles of many, surely this is having an impact on the electricity boards in homes and the workplace. Industrial connectors have often been confined to the to heavy industry sectors such as mechanical engineering and construction, but over recent years a demand from the public has seen a rise in the average person having a need to use industrial connectors. Here we look at where people in the home are using such connectors and why.

The Studio

The ability to make music from most laptops is a big enough incentive for anyone to become the next reality TV star. Baring this in mind though, surrounding audio equipment such as PA’s and amplifiers all have to be performing to high capacities. Such equipment is not necessarily designed for home usage but is generally accepted that it will be used in such an area. To save on any nasty shocks or power cuts an industrial plug and screw terminal is recommended. Protected by a plastic casket and anti kink lead will ensure music can be made without the fear of high voltage.

The Garden

What can be better than sitting in a pruned garden during the summer months? To maintain a high quality garden requires regular grass cuts, privet hedge trimming and weeding. Performing such tasks though can cause major problems when conducted incorrectly. The first essential is to ensure an extension cord is used which is specifically designed for outdoor usage, meaning if there is any residual water on the surface of the lawn it will not cause any major effect. Secondly an RCD (Residual Current Device) should be installed by either incorporating it into the main fuse box or as a socket outlet. This will ensure that if you cut through any cabling then all power will immediately be shut down. Industrial connectors such as this were first designed for the industrial sector but have in time been modified and interpreted for home functions such as gardening.


Over the years more and more people have been inclined to illuminate property exteriors, whether that be for security or aesthetically pleasing reasons. Either way such lighting requires well detailed and thought out connections. WIth the danger of water and damp extra provisions have to made. For instance when lighting up areas of the garden, an RCD again has to incorporated into a weatherproof junction box with 1.5mm steel wire armoured cabling to provide the connections, this means no effect will be had by damp or rain.

Consult a Professional

Obviously all devices have been modified for home usage but that doesn’t mean you should therefore take it upon yourself to install any of these devices. Always consult a professional who can provide evidence of previous electrical work and safety certificates, before attempting to use such devices, this way you can ensure that all safety standards have been met and tested. Also always read the instructions to your electrical devices as this will provide guidelines on correct usage and safety certification.

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Stephen is an Electrical Consultant advising the general public on safety around using electrical devices in the home.