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As you’d expect from the city that has French as its official language and is famed for both its design and international jazz and comedy festivals, Montreal is awash with cool hang-outs and fabulous places to be and to be seen.

Dark nooks, atmospheric artwork and bare brick make up the majority of Canada’s city of culture’s hottest establishments and if you’re passing then it would be rude not to pop and practise your ‘de biere s’il vous plait’.

Of course, beer is just one of the delights on display within Montreal’s bars and pubs so if you’re wishing to find out more then read on and experience joie de vivre across the Pond.

Where Are The Hippest Bars In Montreal?

Casa del Popolo

Located on St Laurent Boulevard and boasting live performances from a whole host of indie legends such as the awesome Arcade Fire and Moldy Peaches, it’s easy to see why the house of the people is such a hit with the hipsters. Bare brickwork walls, art to go and loads of veggie fare to compliment the indie rock and roll atmos.

Billy Kun

You’ll find this hipster hang out on Mont Royal Ave East and if you’re into your eclectic wall decorations, suitably moody lighting and those oh so important wooden ceiling beams then pull up a tiny table and lap up the good times. Jazz playing Djs, micro-brewery pumps and a clientele that’s on the right side of their mid-twenties, what’s not to like?

Whisky Café

Another favourite from the St Laurent Boulevard set has to be the wonderful Whisky Café which is all about the sophisticated chit chat with cigars and fine liquor to boot. With over one hundred single malt whiskies on display to enjoy within the comfort of an extremely convivial leather backed booth, this is where you enjoy the good times of yesteryear right in the here and now.

Go Go Lounge

If you want to get on top of your dancing after hours then heading to the Go Go Lounge on , where else but the St Laurent Boulevard, has to be done if you’re letting it all hang out in Montreal. Friendly, unpretentious and just a good old-fashioned night within some truly unique and well-appointed décor. The Go Go is all about chic, funk and fun without a wee bit of kitch thrown in for good measure.

La Quincaillerie

Lovely long bench tables make La Quincaillerie a great place to socialise in a largish group and meet like-minded people along the way and if you’re in the mood for food after an evening of convivial boozing then just pop next door for 24hr dining and the best chips, cheese and gravy on the planet. Located on Rachel Rd East, in the trendy Plateau Mont Royal borough, this is all about having fun and cheering vive la France every time a goal is scored on the babyfoot table.

Bar Plan B

Always good to have a Plan B on a night out and this particular version contains all the major ingredients to push it up to a first option as opposed to a fall back. Situated on Mont Royal Avenue and featuring retro décor, a shot menu and DJs who allow for chat rather than raving, this is an ideal bar to spend a good few hours either inside in a cosy corner or outdoors on the perfect patio.

Dominion Sq Tavern

A laid back atmos and an awesome cocktail menu is all you need to know about this hidden quarter of Montreal and if you’re looking for attentive table service and a sophisticated décor then Dominion Square Tavern is the place to be. This place has been around for ages and quite rightly holds a comfortable place at the head of the locals social table.

Lille Noire Pub

Situated on Rue St Dennis and promising a vast array of Scotch to tantalise your tastebuds, the Lille Noire is an excellent speciality joint to educate your palette and have a good time with your pals. Cool and chic with some great booths to help you blend into a nocturnal world of whisky and wonderment – just what the doctor ordered after another fine day in Montreal.

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