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Where To Turn For Difficult Gift Giving

Where to Turn for Difficult Gift Giving

There is an age-old question that revolves around gift-giving and frustrations, which is, “what do you buy the person that has everything?” While many people struggle with this question around the holiday season, there are a few creative outlets that are yours for the taking when faced with this dilemma. There are always unique gifts, such as personalized bobbleheads, homemade bath bombs, or tasty treats. Often these items go sadly overlooked when it comes to gift giving, so here is an informational list of gifts that you can give to the person who undoubtedly “has it all.”

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts can be a fun, easy, and cost effective route of gifting for someone who is difficult to buy for. Not only are homemade gifts cheaper to create, but people tend to appreciate them more because of the thought that went into their creation.

• Homemade foods are an excellent way to express your appreciation for someone, all while creating something fun and delicious to eat! The new trend in mason-jar cakes has been ever growing due to their ability to be easily transported, last longer, and because they are so yummy!

• Another homemade creation is bath bombs or bath fizzes. For those people that have never experienced these fantastic little gifts, they are balls of color and fragrance, which dissolve in your water when you take a bath. They can be modified to produce color, bubbles, or whatever other unique elements that you wish. They are very easy to create, require few ingredients, and can be modified to that person’s preference in terms of scent and color.

• Thanks to many wonderful DIY websites, people are taking old furniture and refurbishing them into more modern styles with textured paint jobs, fabrics, and additional hardware. While these gifts are not entirely homemade, they are fun and usually end up looking beautiful after all is said and done.

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Personalized Gifts

Many people purchase ordinary gifts, but have found new methods of personalizing them for the receiver.

• Personalized bobbleheads. While some may find the idea somewhat silly, it can be almost guaranteed that even the person that claims to have everything will have yet to receive one of these gems. The way that the bobbleheads are personalized is that they can be created the look like the appearance of the person that is receiving the gift. Different, right? It’s like their own mini version of themselves scotch-taped to their dashboard.

• Embroidered or engraved items are a fun way to spice up a piece of clothing, a hat, a piece of jewelry, or a keep sake box with a name or fun phrase that is shared between the two of you.

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