Which Brings YOU Happiness: Love Or Money?

Which Brings YOU Happiness: Love Or Money?

If you were asked which one makes you happier, love or money, how would you answer? Think carefully, it’s not as simple as it seems. Money becomes meaningless if you have no one to share it with, but is love enough? Delving into this question and searching for the answer is part of the process of getting to know yourself, so it’s a question worth considering.

Satisfaction and Happiness

In the past, countries measured their success by the size of their economies. In light of recent economic downturns and a global recession, countries are now looking at the satisfaction, happiness and overall well-being of the citizens.

A Case Study

One of the countries paving the way for this new trend is the tiny kingdom of Bhutan. An isolated country located I the Himalayas, their greatest economic resource is their forest. They knew that they could harvest the trees, destroy the forests and enjoy wealth for their nation, but they wanted something different. They feared that following that trend would come at too high a price since it would destroy the national beauty, harm wildlife and increase the risk of landslides. Their goal is to pursue public policy that better captures the importance of pursuing happiness and well-being in development, and it’s been adopted by the UN as of July, 2011.

Connecting this to Your Life

Stop for a moment and connect this to your own life. Do you feel that our society is overly material? Do you long for more social connections and support that would nourish our souls? They say you cannot measure happiness, but critics argue that you certainly can measure happiness. They also make the effective argument that your personal happiness is not directly correlated to the size of your bank account. However, there is evidence that being happy can lead to greater wealth. This theory is seen at work every time a company takes steps to improve employee satisfaction and productivity increases.

The Importance of Mental Health

It’s vital that mental health is included in any discussion of happiness. Mental health is the state of well-being where an individual can realize their own potential, cope with stress, work productively and make a contribution to the community.

The Connection to the Constitution

The idea of personal happiness being more important than economic success is not a new one. The founders of American talked about a pursuit of happiness in the United States Constitution. This confirms that, even during that simpler time, people were still looking at what could make them happy and grappling with the question.

Meanwhile, developments on the national and international stage are pointing to a growing trend of people choosing happiness and love over money. It’s not an easy question to answer, and it will require getting to know yourself. However, finding the answer, or the balance, to this age-old question can help you lead a happier and more successful life.

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