Which Is Better, Mains Fed Water Cooler Or Bottled Water Cooler?

We live in difficult times. Pollution and greenhouse gases, contaminated food and water, oil spills and endangered flora and fauna are all terms we are living with. In such a scenario, people have become very conscious of what they eat or drink. Is it enough to just buy organic food or do we need to be more cautious?

Safe drinking water is of paramount importance and we can no longer neglect the dispensers from which most of us get our drinking water. We are also faced with the dilemma of choosing between a regular bottled water dispenser and a mains fed water cooler.  Is one better than the other?  Before making up your mind you need to read the fine print. Let’s examine it closely.

Benefits of mains fed water cooler over bottled water cooler

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  • Compact. Bottled water coolers require more space compared to mains fed coolers. Empty and reserved water bottles consume space which could be easily put to more efficient use. Contrary to the case of bottled water bottles, for mains fed coolers, space is not an issue. They can be hung up on the wall thereby freeing space for cabinets, etc., at the bottom.
  • More value for money. Paying for the water bottles regularly can be quite a pain. Installing a mains fed cooler gives you the option of using your metered water for drinking purposes. Mains fed cooler reduces the costs incurred by you for drinking water. You will also spend less in cleaning it as it requires very less cost and effort. You also get better guarantee and longer working life. So a mains fed water cooler is a onetime investment.
  • Long term reliability.  Regular bottled water coolers are prone to damage, especially while installing the bottles and while cleaning them. They are also not intended for long term durability or functioning.  On the contrary, mains fed water coolers are built for longer usability. They may cost more but they come with 10 to 15 years of warranty compared to no warranty or a year or less warranty offered with the bottled water coolers. As the latter need to be replaced time and again, mains fed water coolers are winners in the long run. Once you purchase it, you are assured of safe drinking water for the next decade!
  • Safe bet. During installation of new bottles and removal of empty ones, bottled water coolers can get contaminated by our carelessness.  This entire process is redundant in mains fed water coolers and you don’t even need to be anxious about the expiry dates of the water bottles. Another plus of a mains fed water cooler is that you are free from the possibility of injuring yourself as you don’t have to lug around heavy bottles.
  • Smaller carbon footprint. A mains fed water cooler, instead of a bottled one, reduces plastic usage and helps you diminish the size of your carbon footprint.

So, it’s up to you to make that choice.

Beant Bajwa works for Wateringwell, an instant hot water boiler company and a passionate cook and movie buff by night. She loves writing about the modern workplace and picks up ideas by observing and listening to people on trips to the office’s mains fed water cooler.

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