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London is the business hub of the UK; over one million companies operate within its boundaries. These businesses need a means to communicate with their stakeholders and hiring a conference venue is an attractive solution.

Whether you’re a big spender looking to wow hundreds of clients or a start up business owner wanting to have a one to one with a potential investor, London is not short of options when it comes to conference venues. The choice can be pretty overwhelming so we have broken down some options for you:

For the multi-national conglomerate CEO:
Let’s say that you’ve got something to say and you want to share it with a lot of people. You need somewhere big enough to house your beloved delegates in comfortable surroundings and avoid cramming them in like sardines.

We suggest the imposing yet elegant Senate House ( When it comes to conferences rooms in London it doesn’t get much more glam. It boasts beautiful 1930’s styling’s with 21st centaury comforts such as Wi-Fi and large scale projection. It’s been home to a number of big names in recent weeks including Branson’s Virgin Money.

There are a number of options to suit your needs including the 220 capacity Macmillan Hall with its boardroom, theatre and seated dinner. Speaking of which they can also take care of any catering needs you have. Bon appetite!

For the everyday business man:
Not all of us can afford the gigantic presence of Senate House. If you’re looking for something on a more sensible scale/budget then look no further than Hubworking ( They offer pay as you go meeting and conference rooms in three convenient London locales (Liverpool St, Victoria and Monument). It’s perfect for home workers or small business owners looking for a bit of extra space.

OK so it doesn’t have much 1930’s sophistication but you can have a coffee with between 2-50 friends for between £9 to £120 an hour. In fact, it’s such a good bit of initiative that The Independent listed it in its run down of 50 great ideas for the 21st century – move over talking dog robot.

For the Eccentric who’s looking for something a bit different:                                                            
Now let’s say you really want to have fun when it comes to finding your next London conference centre. How about somewhere with Dinosaurs? Unique Venues of London ( provide an eclectic mishmash of settings including The Natural History Museum.

That’s just the start of it; want to scare potential clients into business? Try the London Dungeon; looking to promote blue sky thinking amongst your employees? Then there’s the London Eye. Choose from any of UVL venues for a truly unforgettable experience.

Now I’m sure you realise that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your next London conference venue. Your decision will depend on the sort of person you are, the business you run and more importantly what you’re looking for – a sensible bargain or a giant T-Rex!

Daniel Mead is a marketing graduate and runs a small communications agency from home. He has attended conferences organised by Senate House and UVL but regularly uses Hubworking to meet current and potential clients. He recommends them for their low cost and flexibility offered by the service.