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Normally, students consider colleges in universities based on their academic offerings. As a secondary consideration, students also factor in the social life of a particular college or university. Be that as it may, you may want to also consider the dining options that a particular college or university offers. Why? Because we’re human beings. We need to eat. We appreciate good food and we also appreciate a good value.

On that note, I’ve gathered a list of schools that have been rated as having the best food options. We’re not just talking about best quality food but we’re also talking about accessibility – you know it has to be fairly close to campus – affordability, and worth visiting more than once. This can be measured by the variety of cuisine that are offered and also the availability of alternative meals. You have to remember that college is a great place to experiment not just with making friends with people that are very different from you, exploring different ideas and viewpoints, but also in terms of gastronomic exploration. Don’t just limit yourself to macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti, or rose beef. There is a wide culinary world out there.
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One of the best things I love about going to UC Berkeley is the international food court that was right off of Durant Avenue. This international food court had Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Afghan, Korean, and Japanese food. It also had burgers right around the corner with a falafel stand, a little bit further down was top hot dog stand, and a $2 pizza. I just love eating there because you can explore whatever taste you have and develop new tastes. College is a fun place for exploration and personal growth. You can grow not just in terms of how you think, what you think about, your values, your maturity level, how well you get along with other people, and your appreciation of people with different backgrounds, but also your appreciation of different cuisines. So, don’t deny yourself at that aspect of college.

Here are five schools that are well-known for good food: Barnard College in New York, New York is well-regarded for both its on-campus and off-campus dining. Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky is also highly ranked. Colorado State University at Fort Collins also gets good reviews for its culinary offerings, and Emmanuel College in Boston is widely-sighted as a place for collegiate good food. Finally, rounding off the list is Georgetown University in Washington, DC. This is a great school for food not just on-campus but also off-campus because there’s a lot of ethnic communities in the DC area, which makes it a great place to explore different culinary tastes.

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