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Successful trade show exhibiting requires a combination of good presentation and an effective pitch. An essential part of achieving success therefore depends on the materials, graphics and visuals you intend to use to promote your business and the work you do. It is commonly accepted that banners, stands and marketing literature are essential components of getting the presentation right. Banners in particular have an extra role to play, helping generate the interest that will drive your stand. But why are they an essential element of the trade show line-up, and what should you do to make better use of these visual aids?


When you are exhibiting at a trade show, you need to attract attention to your stand, and drum up interest in your exhibit if you are to make a success of the day. There are a number of outcomes of trade shows – from selling more products, to building your brand and developing strategic ties in your industry. But in order to put yourself in the prime position for benefiting from these opportunities, you need to make sure your presence is felt in the room. Banners are crucial in marking your turf, so to speak, in addition to attracting the visual attention of those walking by. Bigger banners are useful too, helping to catch the eye of room-scanners – those who cast an eye over a range of stands to find the one that is of most interest.

Banners and the visuals you use around your display area are critical to the presentation and overall perception of your business. Books are judged by their covers every single day, and a dodgy visual is highlighted even more directly when you are exhibiting alongside competing businesses. Instead, turn this into a strength. Make sure your banners are professional and well designed, to give your business the right gloss for public presentation.


Don’t give customers a reason not to choose you that’s based on your design work. An attractive, arresting banner design is well worth the investment, and is probably among the most important things you can take to the trade show.

Imagine for a second a trade show display without banners, signage and branding. Effectively, you’re left with a bare table, until you’ve checked out This is a wasted opportunity. You can’t quite set up your shop at the trade show, but many businesses try to get as close as possible. High quality displays and stands are critical, because there are opportunities to build your brand and sell to your customer all day long. If you don’t make the effort on the visual side, you will be left with a stand that looks sparse and uninteresting – hardly an appealing prospect for those who might want to buy from you.

The graphics and visuals that accompany your trade show display are too easily underestimated in their importance to the overall success or failure of the day. Better banner stands, display stands and graphics will make your stand a more intriguing destination for prospective customers, while helping create the best possible impression of your business and your brand.