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Why Barcelona Is A Good Choice For A Second Home

Are you thinking of getting a second home? If you have been inspired by A Place in the Sun or House Hunters International to live your own dream, then a home in Barcelona might be on your agenda. The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona has always been popular with British and Scandinavian visitors. While in the 60s and 70s beach front property was affordable, that’s no longer the case. But even if you can’t step off your back porch into the sea, there are still plenty of reasons to use Barcelona as a base.

Year Round Warmth

The climate is a key one. Summer days are long and warm. In fact, they are boiling hot with temperatures often reaching the 40s Celsius. While you may want to retreat to more temperate parts of the country in the summer, that also means that winters are mild, which is what most people want. Compared to the temperatures in Northern Europe and the UK, winter temperatures of 15 degrees seem very reasonable.

Big City Amenities

If you’re location independent, then being in a big city with lots of amenities will ensure that you can keep working when you need to. Barcelona has everything you could possibly need in terms of business amenities and it’s 1992 Olympic makeover added modern conveniences to its old world charm. Speaking of charm, most visitors enjoy the chance to walk along cobblestoned streets and step back in time while they browse the shops or to get a taste of modern, vibrant Barcelona as they walk along Las Ramblas.

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Excellent Air Transport

Whether you’re there for business or pleasure, Barcelona is a great location because there are regular flights to most major European and world destinations. That means if you need to fly home in a hurry or just want a break somewhere else, it’s not hard to get there. Even better, the presence of many low cost carriers means flights to and from the city won’t break the bank – always a consideration for second home owners.

Lots to See and Do

Finally, you will never run out of things to see or do in Barcelona. Whether you want to people watch in the Plaza Catalunya, join the hordes of tourists at the Sagrada Familia and other attractions, explore the nightlife, or just sit in one of the many cafes, there’s 24-7 activity – another good reason to have a second home in Barcelona.

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