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Why Being Under Pressure Isn’t Always A Bad thing

The pressures of life can be overwhelming. Finding a well-paying job you love, keeping that job and then making the most of your success by spending and saving money in the right way are all tough tasks. Then there are the more personal pressures you put yourself under, such as watching your health to make sure you’re eating well and exercising as much as you should. There are a lot of pressures you face every day, so why would you ever want to be under any more?

The tune of being under pressure tends to change when people start talking about water conservation products. Suddenly, high pressure is not only not a bad thing, but something to be desired. By using the power of pressure to achieve the results desired in the shower, kitchen or bathroom, homeowners are realizing how this powerful technology can not only help them clean and stay clean themselves, but also use far fewer resources in the process.

Here are three ways pressure is being used to help conserve resources and reduce monthly utility bills for homeowners.

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  • Kitchen and bath aerators – Aerators work by reducing the amount of water being pushed through a faucet, and instead replacing it with air. While this may sound like it could cause a reduced amount of effectiveness, adding pressure gives the feel that the same amount of water is being used. Aerators are one of the most effective ways to reduce resource usage by simply adding a small device to your faucets.
  • High-efficiency toilets – The number of gallons used when a person flushes a toilet is usually more than necessary. What causes a toilet to flush cleanly is the amount of pressure used when the flush takes place. High-efficiency toilets add pressure behind flushes to make them work effectively while using fewer resources.
  • Water-saving showerheads – In the shower, most people like to rinse off under a powerful stream. However, while shaving or lathering up, many people move away from the water so they do not rinse off the soap until they are ready. During this time, water is being wasted. While it is uncomfortable to turn off a shower completely while shaving or lathering up, the shower does not need to run at full power all of the time. Showerheads designed to conserve water not only use the power of pressure to help homeowners rinse off, but they also have options so that the person showering can reduce the power of the stream whenever they would like during their shower.

The power behind the stream of water is what gives it its ability to work well. By using appliances that harness this power effectively, homeowners are able to achieve better results and lower utility costs while helping the environment, simply by utilizing this revolutionary technology.

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