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Keeping tabs on a spouse or significant other using cell phone spy software may seem like a sure recipe for causing a huge fight or potential break-up in the future.  But if your loved one has nothing to hide then using cell phone monitoring apps like Nokia or Android Spy Software shouldn’t be an issue.  In fact, there are actually several big reasons why cell phone spy software is truly your best friend and protecting your interests, including:


ü  Finally Identify “Unknown Numbers” on Spouse Cell Phone:  Does your spouse get a lot of “wrong or unknown numbers”?  Advanced cell phone monitoring apps like Android spy software that include a Reverse Look-Up feature will help identify all people in the phone log, even the unknown numbers.


ü  See Where They Really Go Each Day/Night: Does your spouse leave the house for a loaf of bread and not return for an hour?  Would you love to have access to cell phone spy software that allowed you to login to a user account and see exactly where you loved in is at any given time or where they have been all day?  Then be sure to get cell phone monitoring applications like Android Spy Software with both Live Location Tracking and Location History features.


ü  Find Out What Your Spouse Is Really Doing On Their Cell Phone: With today’s smart phones, your spouse can browse the web, send videos or pics, and any number of activities that you may not know about.  Cell phone spy software with state-of-the-art surveillance features can monitor all communications and relay the information directly to a user account for review.


ü  Get the Answers You Deserve: If your significant other has nothing to hide, then using applications like Android Spy Software to monitor their cell phone activities shouldn’t be a problem.  Besides, you have a RIGHT to know the truth about your loved one and using advanced cell phone spy software is one of the best tools for getting the answers you deserve.




Warning:  Not All Cell Phone Spy Software is Created Equal


Unlike advanced cell phone monitoring apps like Android Spy Software, most surveillance software only has 1 or 2 simple features like Location Monitoring or Contact Details.  For best results and to get the most information, use cell phone monitoring software that includes cutting edge tools like:




  • Call Recording
  • Text, Chat, Video, and Picture Logging
  • Contact Details
  • Location Tracking
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up
  • Surround Recording
  • Spy Mode (allows you to secretly listen live to phone surroundings)


Cutting edge cell phone surveillance applications like Android Spy Software includes the cutting edge tools you need to truly monitor all phone activity and get the answers you want and deserve.  In the end, cell phone spy software is truly a spouse’s best friend because it immediately confirms or disproves any trust issues without prejudice.

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