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Portable buildings can be used for a range of activities and in a variety of locations but their installation will bring the same benefits. The main advantages of a portable building over a traditional construction are speed and cost.

Who might choose to install a Portable Building?

Various businesses might have a use for a quickly erected building in their grounds.
* Children’s services including schools, playgroups, children’s centres and nurseries.
* Health services including health centres, GP practices and hospitals.
* Leisure and sports facilities.
* Small companies such as construction companies and builders’ yards.

When Speed is of the essence

On a prefabricated building much of the work will be done off-site and the time spent on site before the building is handed over could be a matter of weeks. Modular buildings are also largely constructed off-site, thus keeping costs down. If the modular building needs to grow, then expansion is very simple. When acquiring an extra room for a growing nursery or children’s centre it should be possible to benefit from the experience and expertise of the company providing the building. They will know what facilities have been most useful and should have some top class design ideas for a fun and educational children’s space.

It should be possible to buy or hire one of these portable buildings and take delivery fairly quickly, certainly when compared with traditional construction. Usually there will be some buildings which are immediately available. It could be that the building will only be needed for a temporary period and therefore hiring one may be a quick and also cost effective solution to a shortage of space. For example, an extra classroom may be needed for a couple of years while a new school is being built, or a business may be planning on expanding and moving to a new site but need extra office space in the meantime.

Cost saving is always important

These days, no organisation can afford to be extravagant with money; projects always seem to run out of funds. If new offices are needed that will require a big outlay and often will have hidden costs which don’t become apparent until the building has been started. With portable buildings, either to purchase or hire, there are significant savings. A good company will provide an excellent produce with all services as agreed. The interior decoration will be to a good standard as ordered. There should be a project manager who will provide liaison between the company providing the building and the customer.

All materials used should be tried and tested so the building is certain to be of top quality, ideal for use during cold winter spells and in the height of summer. There shouldn’t be any surprises of extra costs.
Portable buildings are available in a range of designs and constructions. If an organisation requires an extra room or two, talking to a company which supplies portable buildings could be the first step towards a solution.

Idania  has worked for several companies who have installed portable buildings such as those available from Springfield Mobile. She was involved in the negotiations for acquiring the new buildings and writes of her experiences on a number of websites and blogs.