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Why Hire A Healthcare Advocate?As you probably already know, healthcare and health insurance policies can be very complicated and often times can be confusing when you’re feeling well but if you are sick, trying to navigate your way through today’s intricate healthcare system may be too much for you and that’s where a healthcare advocate can come in handy.

What a Healthcare Advocate can do for you

A healthcare advocate can be whomever you choose – could be a spouse, sibling or a friend – or in a lot of cases, it could be someone you hire. And if you’re lucky, your health insurance policy will pay for a healthcare advocate.

Some people liken a healthcare advocate to a financial planner only they help you make decisions regarding your health or the health of a loved one. And with all of the choices people have to make in regards to their health having someone else navigate their way through those, in some cases, complex decisions can ease the stress of the decision making and can make everything less confusing for you and your loved one.

So here are some reasons why hiring a healthcare advocate could work for you:

  • They can help you manage a serious illness. They will do all of the research for you or your loved one and they will help you find the specialists you need for you or your loved one’s particular diagnosis.
  • They can assist in finding the right physicians for you or your loved one. Healthcare advocates usually have a wealth of information at their disposal and can get in touch with many doctors in many places – sometimes even internationally if needed.
  • A healthcare advocate will guide and support you as you wade through the decision-making process so you can be informed and make the right choices for you and your health or the health of your loved one.
  • A healthcare advocate can help you prepare for a long hospital stay, if needed. They can do this both physically – by taking you to the hospital – and emotionally – by explaining what you should expect during your visit and to quell any fears you may have.
  • They can also help minimize any health risks you may face while in the hospital among them are infections, pneumonia and possible medical errors. This could be very important during your recovery.
  • A healthcare advocate can also help you manage chronic disorders as well. This may include finding the right practitioners and possible therapies, and helping you to manage your diet and lifestyle management as well.
  • They can help with senior care by providing support and guidance to make sure you or a loved one will age safely in a nursing home or in an assisted living setting.
  • They can also help your loved ones deal with any stress associated with your caregiving. They can provide both emotional and even spiritual support if needed.
  • A healthcare advocate can also help provide you or your loved one with end of life decisions.

To learn more, visit a healthcare advocate company such as Livingwell Care Navigation. Good luck.

Stacey Gotsulias writes for a variety of publications and websites.