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Many people, especially moms or those with pets, choose LV laminate flooring over other kinds of flooring because it easy to clean, inexpensive and extremely durable. Laminate flooring is the perfect solution for those high traffic areas like the playrooms, office and hallways. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular floor types in homes across the U.S. Because of their low maintenance.

LV laminate flooring is made of layers of material that are stacked on top of one another and glued together. This layering makes them very durable and difficult to crack. Many of the high quality brands of laminate flooring are able to withstand pressures of over 4,000 pounds. Laminate floors are also quite scratch resistant, especially when compared to real hardwood flooring. If you do happen to get a scratch in your laminate flooring, there are scratch repair kits that you can use to easily fill it in.


Another benefit of laminate flooring is that it is extremely easy to install yourself. There’s virtually no need to hire a professional to do your floors, unless you don’t have the time for it. You can install laminate flooring over almost anything including vinyl and tile with a few quick and easy steps. To install the laminate floor, simply place a layer of foam for cushioning and begin laying the boards on top. Some boards will need to be glued and others just snap into place.

Laminate flooring is also a very inexpensive option, especially when compared to real hard wood. There are many different colors and styles to choose from, including a variety that very closely resemble real hardwood. You may also find laminate floors that look like ceramic tiles. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect flooring solution that matches your interior décor.

When you decide to start shopping around for your laminate flooring, it’s important to consider a few different things. If you will be placing the flooring in a high traffic area, you will need something with a thick core as it provides more stability and will last you longer. Find out if the laminate you are interested in comes with any kind of warranty. Many of the higher-end brands will come with a warranty that lasts 10 years or longer, so it might be something to think about before deciding which brand to buy.

Laminate is a great option if you are thinking of replacing your floors and want something that looks stylish, but is also easy to maintain. It’s great for people who have small children or pets, as they are very easy to clean. If you think you’d rather have flooring that is warmer and cozier, you might consider buying some of the carpet Las Vegas flooring stores have in stock. With carpet, you are able to choose from a wide range of colors, styles and textures. It’s all a matter of what your personal preference is and what kind of conditions your floor will be subject to.

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