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Why Phoenix Is A Fabulous Place To Live

It’s official. Phoenix is a fabulous place to live and to work. The so-called Valley of the Sun has more days of sunshine than any other major metropolitan area in the United States. Phoenix is a haven for recreational enthusiasts, white-collar professionals, big businesses and young families. These are just a few of the reasons why the area’s population is expected to soar. According to the Census Bureau, the city’s population will reach 2.2 million by 2030, and the population in the greater metropolitan area will explode to include a whopping 6.3 million residents. With so many families arriving, Phoenix rental homes will be in demand.

The beautiful city of Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, and it’s the state’s cultural and commercial epicenter. Phoenix is located in the middle of the state, and it’s surrounded by picturesque mountains. Arizona is the cornerstone of America’s southwestern region. The state is sandwiched between California, Mexico, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada. In the past two decades, the economic growth in Phoenix has been unprecedented, and it’s still going strong. If you’re relocating to Phoenix, here are a few things that you should know.

Cost of Living is Lower

Phoenix is the sixth largest U.S. city, but the cost of living is more affordable than other major metropolitan areas. That’s why investing in Phoenix rental homes is a smart decision. Plus, the city is expected to maintain its above-average growth. Due to the city’s location and exceptionally low sales tax of 1.8 percent, Phoenix attracts many large corporations in the technology, aerospace and service industries. The city also has a per capita income that is above the national average. In fact, the median household income is over $50,000 per year.

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Quality of Life

The quality of living in Phoenix is superb. Weather patterns create a warm, sunny climate, which means lower heating costs and fewer bills for furnace fuel. In the middle of winter, average temperatures are between 40 and 65 degrees. The beautiful suburbs of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale and Scottsdale attract many young families and working professionals. Getting around in Phoenix is never a problem. The city has well-developed expressways and exceptional public transportation options, including a cutting-edge light rail system. In Phoenix and the surrounding areas, there are numerous golf courses, recreational parks, festivals and cultural attractions for year-round fun. From great weather and good jobs to safe neighborhoods and quality schools, Phoenix has it all.

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