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PHP is a highly acclaimed and widely accepted language for server-side scripting. The popularity it boasts of, is a forerunner of a profitable and promising future for it- it has bagged a lot of clients numbering in the millions. This popularity is not on the verge of dying down even after nearly two decades as there are many ultra popular websites vouching for it to incorporate this deemed code on their websites. To name a few, Facebook is largely dependent on PHP as a scripting language. It is not an exaggeration to say that PHP is best for all types of business websites.

The popularity being a worthy advantage, there are other advantages to which are listed below.

1. Web sites based on PHP can be easily maintained without having to curtail their operations in order to attend its needs. This ease of handling makes PHP the most preferred scripting language for web servers as there is no risk of losing the precious traffic these websites garner. For businesses, this can be a game-changer.

2. PHP is an open source code and there is much scope for interoperability. Any sufficiently skilled developers who are well versed in C and Java can produce satisfactory and pleasing results using PHP. There is no need to hire people with professional expertise who burden the website owners with a fat pay package and other indulgences for the skilled services they render.

3. PHP is user-centric and websites based on it interact with them by way of feedback to improve their experience. This is a step in the right direction as websites are pure businesses and should be welcoming and hospitable to prospective visitors, thereby encouraging traffic and promising higher returns.

4. PHP offers bankable support, as a number of guidelines and references are available on its websites. Its versions too are constantly updated and upgraded every now and then with a keen foresight. It offers services like customer support too for specific user needs.

5. The popularity of PHP ensures that the websites vouching for it have no dearth of people looking for opportunities such as developers, contributors and the like.

6. Being fast to develop from scratch, it finds its applications in huge websites catering to large businesses with very high traffic that involves an enormous amount of code to be typed in.

7. It offers a high level of security. These can be adjusted in the .ini file. This dodges many threats that can prey upon the websites in the form of malicious and objectionable content, which can mar the brand image and tarnish their reputation.

Considering all these factors, to hire PHP developer is one of the best business decisions to make. PHP doesn’t use a lot of the system’s resources that are crucial to its operation and this way, tend to slow it down as with many other scripting languages. It silently works in the background and ensures a glitch-free operation and prompt addressal of time-specific and time-dependent operations. PHP developers can also be done offshore. It requires many factors to work in tandem.

Author Bio: Jenny Thomas is a recruiting professional who helps to hire PHP developer for her offshore clients. She has also authored several articles on PHP development.