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It has long been accepted that people can become empowered by having some basic self-defence training. Whether they feel intimidated when travelling alone, or face dangers of attack through their work, knowing how to react if an attack occurs can be a vital skill.

1. Increased Confidence

Given that a self-defence course covers dealing with a worst case scenario, it should follow that the knowledge of how to deal with this should provide learners with an increased level of confidence. Of course, no rational individual goes around looking for someone to fight, but self-confidence can be boosted almost immeasurably when armed with the knowledge of how to deal with an attack.

Likewise, as the courses usually take place within small group classes, taking self-defence training will usually involve meeting some new people. The people you are likely to encounter at such courses are those who tend to have similar reasons for learning how to defend themselves, so it is a great way of meeting likeminded people in a safe environment in order to learn how to take care of yourself. Why Taking Self-defence Training Could Transform Your Life

2. Change of Career Direction

Learning some self-defence methods are useful if considering a move towards a career in security, or other sector that includes the risk of attack for workers. In addition to a basic course in self-defence, people interested in this line of work may choose to specialise in certain areas of security, where further close protection courses are necessary in order to learn the tools needed to deal with a variety of tense situations that come as part and parcel of the career.

3. Know How you can Take Control

When on a self-defence course, one of the most important skills learned is that of keeping your body and mind in control of the situation you find yourself in. In a dangerous situation, one of the worst things to do is to panic; in fact, it is the sort of reaction that an attacker would tend to expect. Remaining calm under this sort of pressure is a helpful skill when facing an attacker, as well as in many other situations.

Knowing that you are unable to control all factors of the world around you, but that you can remain in control of your own body and its reactions to stress can empower you to deal with attacks, as well as pressure situations at work or at home. This skill only tends to come when you feel secure in the knowledge that you are able to deal with any situation that may present itself.

4. A Great way to keep Fit

Self-defence classes are often a fantastic way to get active and keep fit. Benefits to health include toning of muscles, strengthening, improvement of balance and coordination as well as the obvious cardiovascular exercise that you will be doing. Given that these classes represent a fantastic work out for your body and mind, they could well turn out to be something that can be incorporated into your regular keep fit routine.


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