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One of my close friends Robin recently got transferred to a new place. Before moving to the new place, he got only two days and he had to arrange his relocation within these two days only in whatever possible way he could. The first thing Robin did after getting his transfer order was to look for a crate hire service. There were several crate hire services near his locality that offered items for packing crates services such as removal crates and moving crates.

Before letting you know which service provider Robin chose, let’s first understand what a packing crate is? A packing crate is one of the key factors that are essential to prepare you for the move. It not only offers space to accommodate your items but also helps keep your fragile and delicate goods safe and secure during the move. Therefore packing crates are considered to be among the safest means for packing and moving. They are designed in such a way that they can easily carry different household items without causing any damage to the contents.

Once Robin became aware of the different crate hire services, his next step was to select the crate type that he would use in the move. He had to choose whether he should use plastic crates or wooden crates or the traditional cardboard crates to move his items. Although plastic crates were popular and were on high demand, Robin wasn’t able to confirm which crate type he should actually choose. To make Robin’s decision easier, let’s look at some of the common benefits of plastic crates.

Easier Handling
Compared to wooden crates, plastic crates are easier to handle and carry. They have smooth design that does not contain any nail or splinters. The appearance of the plastic crates is also smoother compared to the rough surface of the wooden crates. Also, plastic crates are lightweight items and you can load or unload plastic crates simply using your hands.

Unlike wooden crates, plastic crates do not smell if kept in a damp place for a long time. Wooden crates are also prone to bacteria or fungus contamination, which is never possible in plastic crates. Plastic crates are also free from any kind of foul smell associated with previous contents, which is common in wooden crates. Moreover, you can easily clean a plastic crate using a solvent or steam; however, the same is not applicable for wooden crates.

Plastic crates are durable and long lasting and resist different weather as well as physical conditions. A plastic crate can withstand not only deep freezing conditions but also exposure to extreme sunlight.

Space Saving
You can have nested plastic crates, which is a combination of multiple crates together and it helps in saving considerable amount of space compared to wooden crates. Be it removable crates or moving crates, nested plastic crates usually consumes half the space required by wooden crates having similar capacity.

Physically Attractive
Unlike wooden crates, plastic crates come in different colours as well as transparent shades that make them more physically attractive compared to the wooden crates.

Thus, it is quite apparent that plastic crates are more beneficial than wooden crates. These benefits had also helped Robin to go for a plastic crate hire service for his recent relocation. If you too have similar stories, care to share.

Syed Afzal Hussain is an Instructional Designer by vocation and an avid foodie and a freelance blogger by choice. He loves blogging about recent trends such as necessity of removal boxes and packing boxes for your move or how to hire a crate service for your move.