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VoIP is a computing term which is commonly used as an abbreviated form of ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. VoIP is a modern technology which enables traditional methods of communication such as voice, fax and SMS texts to be sent across over the internet. VoIP has been very quickly adapted since becoming available and is now globally renowned for its efficiency for business uses and mainly its cost effectiveness and ability to reduce company expenditure.

Arguably, the most advantageous aspect of VoIP is that voice information as well as data has the potential to be transmitted across one single network. This saves time and money due to the fact that separate phone and internet connections are no longer necessary after incorporating VoIP – a single advanced integrated line is capable of managing simultaneous tasks.

Another attractive benefit of using VoIP is the simple fact that your connection speed will not be affected in the slightest while initiating or receiving phone calls. VoIP communications services are extremely bandwidth efficient and have the capacity to handle vast amounts of data.

Deciding to opt for VoIP telecoms services is a sure and steady method which promises to lower the global expenses of your business. What’s more, you will in fact receive just one bill per month instead of two separate bills for your phone line and internet connection – and you can’t complain about that! The digital nature of VoIP means that costs can be cut due to the non-use of copper phone wire and all other physical elements which add to price; so cheaper bills and cheaper installation are expected.

Working out of the office has never been easier with VoIP integration. Specially produced VoIP handsets mean it is possible to initiate and receive calls via your business lines from any location in which an internet connection is active. This opens up an immense amount of possibilities including options for sales teams and other business sectors whereby team members are frequently on the move.

In addition to the benefits of cloud-based telecoms listed above, VoIP also offers enhanced ability to call record; data of which is all stored by the hosts’ API. On top of this, you can initiate calls with the click of a button (click 2 call), not to mention the added benefit of being able to view all phone call statistics, including; call duration, number of calls made and whether or not the line dialled is available, allowing you to completely refine your strategies and database information.

By Sam Hurley Junior Digital Marketing Consultant at FDC studio

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