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Why Wool?

The Wool industry is a major economic contributor in many economies of the world, from here in the UK, where Wool has been farmed for thousands of years, to New Zealand where it has been farmed for just a few hundred. The reasons behind Wool being such a valued commodity are logical. Before the production of man-made fibres Wool was the easiest source of fibre for the production of cloth. The following article will have a brief look at some of the beneficial aspects of Wool.

The Benefits


Each year a batch of Wool can be collected from a herd of sheep. This is an important factor as it makes Wool, unlike man-made fibres, a renewable resource. Being a renewable resource farmers are encouraged and make other environmentally ethical decisions which relate to their sheep, like Feed for example.


Landfills are a blotch on the landscape but in recent years a great push has been made, especially in Europe, towards greater recycling efforts. Many old and unwanted clothes have been destined for charity shops or the rubbish bin. One benefit of Wool clothes is that Wool is biodegradable. So if you knit a beautiful jumper out of some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Wool for a loved one and they grow out of it, then you would have a clear conscience disposing of the unwanted item.

Health Benefits

There are numerous benefits to health from using clothing items made from Wool. As a result of some of these benefits Wool is the chosen material for the making of many industry specific items, such as expedition necessities. As an example Woollen expedition accessories are invaluable as they are breathable, regulating the body’s temperature. During the summer months the Wool allows your body to breath, and during the colder weather the Wool will insulate the body, add to this the distinct drying capabilities of Wool and you’ve really got an excellent expedition accessory.

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Wool can protect from harmful UV rays given off by the Sun. This is a factor transferred over from when the Wool made up the coat of the sheep. Needing to be protected from the Sun sheep have evolved so that their Wool is capable of screening the harmful rays. This is an obvious advantage in a fibre used for the production of clothing, and a nice Wool garment can really protect you against that strong Winter Sun.

Of the many appealing benefits of Wool such as Debbie Bliss Cashmerino one is particularly important to new mothers, and that is that Wool is naturally hypoallergenic. This essentially means that Wool is naturally resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mould. This property means that a clean Woollen blanket can really help to protect a young child.

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