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Why You Have Cellulite

Cellulite is one of those pesky annoyances that while not considered a disease on its own is still enough of a problem that many are searching for ways to get rid of it. Especially if you are a beach goer or someone who likes to dress provocatively, cellulite may pose a problem. But then the question arises, why do you have it in the first place?

There are as many theories about this question as there are people promoting products, but with a little investigation we can soon find the truth and also the cure. The next question we must ask then is; who suffers from cellulite? And the answer is of course women. Men seem to be largely immune to this condition.

That’s our first clue. Our next clue is the knowledge that not all women have this condition. Asian women for instance seem to be completely impervious to its existence. And we also know that even some slender women seem to be plagued by its appearance while in other cases some obese women are not.

Another fact or clue that we can find is that women who exercise regularly don’t seem to have a problem with cellulite at all. From the above we have enough evidence to find out the cause.

This Is Why You Have Cellulite

Female Hormones. Because cellulite mostly appears in women and not in men we can safely conclude that female hormones (estrogen) play an important role in its appearance.

Environmental Factors (Diet). As we have seen the large majority of Asian women do not seem to be affected by dimpled skin at all. And we also know that people in Asian countries tend to consume less red meat and fatty foods as compared to their Western counter parts. So diet does seem to be an important factor to consider.

Heredity. It has been clinically proven that if your maternal parent had the condition you are also more likely to have the same problems. This also explains why some overweight women do not show any symptoms while other women even though thin still have an over abundance of cellulite.

Lifestyle. Taking into account the fact that women who exercise regularly display less to no cellulite, we can deduce that a sedentary lifestyle will often lead to the “cottage cheese” appearance becoming more pronounced.

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While there is very little you can do about hormonal factors and heredity, there are some steps you can take to reduce and in favourable cases eliminate it altogether. The factors under your control include Diet and Lifestyle.

Dietary changes: By consuming less red meat and fatty foods while increasing your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables you will over time notice that your skin becomes smoother.

Lifestyle changes: By adopting a more active lifestyle and exercising regularly you will increase your muscle tone which directly leads to the disappearance of cellulite.

Cellulite Creams are another viable option for eliminating cellulite. There are a number of creams on the market that will help you reduce cellulite much faster than with diet or exercise alone.


The best approach to reducing cellulite is by attacking the factors you can control. These are Diet, Exercise and using a high quality skin cream.

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