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Many people just chain their bikes in the backyard, thinking they are safe from harm. This is not the case however, chaining your bikes together does not make them safe, in fact it makes it easier for someone to take all of your bikes in one go. If your bikes are of value to you, then you may want to invest in a shed to keep your bikes, and other property safe and secure at all times.


What Is A Bike Shed?

A bike shed is an outdoor storage area specifically designed to store bikes, they may be longer, or wider in structure than that of your normal shed, and slightly shorter. If you have a normal shed already, you may not see the point in spending extra money to invest in a bike shed, however it will protect the welfare of your bike in the future. A bike shed will:

  • Protect the bike from further scratches

It is designed to accommodate to the shape of the bike, you will no longer have to turn and jam them in just to fit them through the door.

  • Handlebars

By turning and trying to force the bike in a shed that is not designed for that purpose, you also risk damaging the handlebars, splitting the rubber due to forceful usage.

  • Storage

A bike shed does not just store bikes; some bike sheds come with hooks for helmets and safety gear, placing all your cycling needs in one secure area.

What Does A Bike Shed Look Like Inside?

Bike Sheds do not look that different from any other shed, in most cases they are wooden or metal, but are known to come in plastic, or even an iron bar structure.  Unlike a normal shed, they tend to have a double door opening, which makes placing your bikes in the shed much easier as you don’t have to squeeze them through the narrow doorway you normally would. Most bike sheds are set out horizontally, meaning that your bike goes in first, this makes having a bike shed much easier for those with multiple bikes also, as you can easily pull out the bikes you don’t want without having to squeeze them past the several other bikes you own.

Vertical Stands

Although many bike sheds accommodate bikes in their normal pose, some bike sheds allow the bike to be stood up, with the front wheel being placed in a holding frame. This structure is great for those who wish to save space, or simply do not have the room for a large bike shed in their backyard or garden. By standing your bike up vertically, you can also lift it down and wheel it out of the door with ease. Vertical bike sheds are more often than not made from metal, as it is a sturdier structure to hold the bike in place as opposed to wood.

Metal Vs Wood

Bike sheds are great features whether they are made out of metal, or wood. However a vertical bike shed may be a sturdier structure. Metal is much tougher than wood, and the compressed shape gives you greater security when sacrificing the space, large wooden sheds however are very secure, as the larger structure enables you to reinforce the beams to a further extent. It is really all down to personal preference, however having a bike shed will greatly protect your property in all kinds of weather, giving you the sense of security that everyone desires. It is important however, to have a lock on your bike shed, because without one your bikes are no more protected than they would be laid outside. Locks can be bought fairly cheap from any hardware store; they provide you with the utmost security and should never be overlooked.

Author Bio:

James Layton works in a local gardening store; he advises people on what shed might be the best one for them. He recommends cheap bike sheds if you are looking for this area of storage space due to their practicality, and security all year round.