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Buying something new is always exciting, especially if it is something that you have been wanting for a long time.  At the same time, waiting to take delivery of the item can seem agonizing, that is until you realize that you may have more control over your feelings during this Waiting Game than you might expect.

Regardless of whether you have made your purchase in-store or online, especially when you purchase bulkier items like living room, bedroom, home office furniture, or home exercise equipment, there will be some wait involved until you can take physical possession of the item.

As with any situation when you are waiting for something, especially with things like furniture home delivery, the three main things you can focus on include: using that time to prepare for the event; distracting yourself so the time seems to pass faster; and being productive while waiting.

Prepare For the Delivery
The delivery process goes much smoother if you are prepared for the delivery.  As you are waiting, there are many things you can prepare in advance.  Make sure you have your receipt ready. Review your receipt to refresh your memory about what is included in the order. Think about want you will want to inspect on the merchandise before accepting delivery. Find contact numbers in case there are any issues with the delivery process. Be clear on payment that you have sent and/or what is still due. Have a tip ready. Know how you will dispose of any packing material.  And lastly, remove any obstacles that might get in the way of the delivery people, this includes moving cables or wiring, small throw rugs, and even corralling any pets or small children.

Distract Yourself

Other ways to make the time pass faster is to distract yourself with enjoyable activities, just be sure to only do things that take small chunks of time to complete. As we all know, the phone and the doorbell always seems to ring at the most inopportune time, such as when you are in the bathroom or taking a nap. Expect that possibility, too. However, other than just sitting around, pacing, and constantly looking out the window, find things to do that you enjoy such as: watching television, listening to music, eating a snack, checking the weekend weather, doing a crossword puzzle or playing a game on your phone or computer.

Be Productive

Distracting yourself with productive tasks helps you feel like you are not wasting time. Take care of small chores.  Look up a recipe. Make a shopping list. Write in a journal. Schedule a haircut or doctor appointment.  Balance your checkbook. Check emails.  Do some last minute cleaning, dusting or vacuuming.

Once you realize how many small meaningful or fun things you can do while waiting for furniture home delivery, you may even hope the delivery man doesn’t come too early or you won’t be able to fit everything in.

Helen Hoefele is a member on a team of professional writers who have contributed to hundreds of blogs and news sites. Follow her @figmentations.