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We see year after year how accidents occur and death rates increase on the roads due to negligence from drivers. Drivers don’t seem to understand how important it is to service their vehicles regularly to avoid accidents happening on the roads where innocent people get hurt.

It is very important especially in Winter when the roads are wet and unpredictably occurs that a good pair of tyres can take you a long way without any accidental issues. In Winter poor visibility is prone to happen and pose big problems for driving conditions especially when the weather conditions worsen.  For those car drivers driving passengers it is vital to increase car safety and prepare your vehicle for the Winter.

To get your vehicle in top driving condition its best to buy a new set of tyres for wet weather conditions so that the tyres have enough grip on the road and doesn’t slide when braking hard or taking a sharp turn. Also you need to reduce your speed in wet weather and keep a following distance between vehicles, so you have enough time to move out into another lane if any problems on the other vehicles arise.

When you are driving in those Winter months, I highly recommend you have enough petrol in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation. If this occurs always have a cell phone on you to call somebody to come and help you out. It is also a good thing before you go on the roads to check the weather; this can help you judge your driving time and the amount of traffic you will face.

Here are a few safety measures drivers should take note of in the Winter months:

  • Always make sure you have your seatbelt on at all times.
  • Drive with your headlights on when visibility is poor.
  • Always drive sober and be on the alert for any danger signs.
  • Never speed and brake hard in wet conditions.
  • Always keep a distance between vehicles.
  • Your vehicle should be at all times well maintained and serviced.
  • Replace old worn out wipers.
  • Have your tyres checked by the dealers.
  • Always check your windshield wipers fluids.
  • Have the vehicles brakes checked by the dealers.
  • Make sure your engines oil is 100%.

Winter weather safety should be a major concern for everybody driving on the roads. The above tips will help you look for the best tyre specials and to stay responsible.

Friedl is a responsible driver who believes in having tyres checked on a regular basis.