World’s Favourite Indian Food

With all the overwhelming dishes, delicate ingredients and tongue tickling flavours, Indian Cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines around the world. Indian cuisine incorporates the whole palette of flavours – sweet, sour, spicy, tangy – and that all at once. Every region in of the country has its own set of unique cuisine indigenous to that area. The types and varieties of dishes available in India are beyond measure, all equally delectable. Check out the best Indian food in Christchurch or a city near you.

Here are some of the most loved Indian dishes around the globe:

Biriyani: It is a mixed rice which can include any kind of meat, eggs or vegetables. It is a blissful blend of spices, saffron, rice, meat and vegetables. Every state in India is known for its own unique style of making Biryani. Even though it was brought to India originally from Persia by the Mughals, Biryani is now synonymous with Indian cuisine due to its extensive consumption, evolution and diversification by the Indians.

Butter chicken/paneer: When you think of the most popular dish in the Indian cuisine and you’ll think of Butter Chicken/Butter Paneer. It is a creamy red gravy which is very mildly spiced, yet bursting with flavourful. The origin of this dish can often traced back to the Indian state of Punjab. Every restaurant has their own unique recipe for Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer. It’s one of the most popular Indian dishes. Try out this wonderful treat at any Affordable Indian Restaurant in Christchurch or a city near you.

Keema: Keema is finely minced meat or chicken which is then cooked in Indian masalas and made into a dry consistency by cooking it on slow fire. Usually, having this with hot chapattis or naan, this is a favourite dish for breakfast in many states in India.

Lamb Kebabs: Fresh and juicy pieces of mutton are marinated and then grilled in charcoal or fried and served hot either in skewers or as a platter. Sometimes, this meat may also be finely minced to make a dish called the sheekh kebab which is an all time favourite of all foodies. Lamb kebabs are super delicious and, even though they’re a bit more expensive, it is one of the most beloved dishes of Indian cuisine.

Dal Makhani: Daal Makhani is one of the most popular dish of Punjab and is a favourite among people of Northern India. Owning to its delicious taste and flavours, it has made its way down to the south too. This particular dish is made from whole black lentils and kidney beans and it also uses white butter and cream in it for garnishing.

This dish is mostly eaten with hot chapattis or naans or steaming hot rice. It’s has a high calorie content and quite filling too.


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