Worried About Wintertime Plumbing Problems? Here’s 5 Ways to Prevent Them

Worried About Wintertime Plumbing Problems? Here’s 5 Ways to Prevent Them

The winter season often causes specific plumbing problems that can wreak havoc on your home. Bitterly cold temperatures along with ice and snow can damage certain plumbing system components and put the wellbeing of your household in jeopardy. Fortunately, you can prevent many of these wintertime plumbing woes by taking these five steps.

Worried About Wintertime Plumbing Problems? Here's 5 Ways to Prevent Them

Wrap Pipes

Pipe wrap insulation can keep the moisture that’s inside pipes from freezing and causing your pipes to burst. Fiberglass and other reliable materials are often used to make these insulation wraps so that they can protect pipes better. Electric heat tape can also be wrapped around pipes to keep them protected.

Set Thermostat to at Least 55 Degrees Fahrenheit

Having your thermostat set to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the season can prevent indoor temperatures from becoming too cold and causing plumbing catastrophes. Doing this will be especially good for indoor pipes that can still freeze even when they’re not located outside the home.

Unclog Kitchen Drain Regularly

People tend to cook more often at home for holidays and other cozy winter gatherings during the season. This means that kitchen drains are more prone to clogging because of the grease, fat and bits of food that end up in them and freeze, which can create water backups and other plumbing problems. Using a plunger or liquid plumbing agent to clean your kitchen drain regularly is recommended. Professional plumbing services are available to resolve tougher clogs.

Insulate Water Heater

Just like with pipes, the water inside your water heater can still freeze and cause major plumbing problems when frigid temperatures arrive. There are special blankets on the market that are specifically made for protecting water heaters. It’s advisable to turn off your water heater before wrapping it in a blanket and use strong tape to hold the blanket in place.

Shut Off Exterior Hose Faucets

Exterior hose faucets are often easy to overlook, and this is especially true during the winter when they’re usually not being used. By turning off the water supply to your exterior faucets, you can keep the insides of them dry so that moisture won’t freeze and cause damage. Wrapping these faucets with insulation materials can also be helpful.

Taking the necessary precautions to safeguard your home’s plumbing can help you make it through the winter season with less difficulty. With all the useful products and services that are available, you should have no trouble keeping winter plumbing problems at bay.

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