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I have recently been promoted at work and I am now finally confident that I am going somewhere in my career.  For the last ten years I have been working for the same company in the construction industry.  I enjoy my job but I have to admit I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere for the past five or so years.  During that time I have attended loads of courses and learnt multiple skills, but with each new qualification I was left carrying out the same tasks as I always have most of the time. That can be the problem of working in a large firm.

Working up the Ranks is Paying Off
Thankfully my time finally arrived when my boss suggested I take a course which would give me some useful skills so I could become a site supervisor. It’s been a long time coming, and the course was intensive but excellent and now I am earning a better wage and confident that I am being appreciated at work.  The only problem is I now have a lot more responsibility, especially when it comes to the health and safety of my fellow workers. It’s daunting but I have been in the industry a while now so I know how important safety is on site.

I now have the opportunity to improve on some of my qualifications and make sure that I am up to date on all the latest regulations and techniques to make sure I can make the most of the situation I have found myself in.  There are some excellent courses out there, but perhaps one of the essential ones to gain, especially if you are starting out in the construction industry is the card which shows you have some basic health and safety skills.

What I Look For in Workers on Site
As someone who now trains new employees I will always look out for applicants who have already achieved the card, known as the red card.  This shows that they are already aware of some of the essential safety skills on site and therefore they are less risky to have around than people who don’t hold this card.  My managers agree with me on the necessity to hold this card, so I can’t stress enough the benefit you can gain from going ahead and getting the card before you start seeking work.

The red card can be obtained by anyone who has registered to take part in an NVQ at level two or three.  There is also a blue card which is awarded to candidates who have already passed an NVQ level one.  On a couple of occasions I know that my boss has sent people for the basic level cards based on his recommendations and their experience. Therefore it’s not impossible to gain employment without them, but trust me it isn’t the easiest route into the industry.

Keep Pushing to Achieve More
I hold the card too, I am currently at the Gold level but I am not going to stop there.  The gold card is for anyone who has achieved an NVQ level three and who is in a supervisory role.  My employer covered the cost of that card for me, but it’s not expensive to pay for it yourself.  In total there are twelve cards in total, which includes some temporary cards which will only last for a year while you secure places on the appropriate courses. The next step for me is manager, and I will not stop there. If you want to succeed its worth continuing to work hard, to learn and to gain formal qualifications to prove your worth.

Take your future into your own hands. You can apply for CSCS cards online; there are providers who will provide the training and the tests at surprisingly low prices.