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Yearbooks are a wonderful way to capture memories spent in school. How often have you picked up yours and thumbed through page after page, recapturing special moments spent on campus, at school sporting events, dances or other special occasions related to the school you attended? If you’re lucky enough and creative enough to be on your school’s committee, you can go online and find hundreds of fabulous ideas that will lay the foundation for creating a yearbook that every classmate will want and will certainly cherish for years to come.

Online you’ll find all the tools you and the team needs including designs, themes, and styles. By following several easy steps, you can upload all your classmates’ favorite photos and spice them up with funny or inspirational stickers and backgrounds. There are several online design sites that will provide all of the software you’ll need, including templates that will make creating a yearbook exciting, easy, and quick. With an online service, you can have complete control over layouts, colors, binding materials, the number of pages allotted for signing–everything! By choosing all of the design elements, you can ensure that the style and design suits the personality of your particular class or high school and the memorable experiences that you all had there over the years.

Once the layout is completed, family and friends can go online to enjoy and view the finished product. Other options are available- you can also choose a hard or soft cover and have the books printed so that they can be sold and distributed to classmates and friends. You want to make sure the book that will record the wonderful years your class spent in school is made well and durable so that many years later, the memories will remain undimmed.

Capture the precious moments of those special days spent in school by highlighting a little of everything and includes as many people and activities as possible. Who can forget Emma and John, the “most popular”; Meghan and Alex, the “class clowns”; Matt and Rachel, “the brains”; or Josh and Jess, the “most likely to succeed”? With a yearbook, you can check to see if these predictions came true. Relive and revisit your school, teachers and classmates by creating something that will always hold a special place in hearts and on bookshelves. Start your yearbook project today by finding a design site that will offer lots of style and pricing options, as well as a quality finished product.

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