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Perseverance is the key to successfully run a marathon, they always say. Although this is true, it doesn’t sum up everything that male runners need to always finish their races. Luckily for you, we’ve listed down 10 of the best tips straight from the marathon pros.

Here are the things every guy needs to remember before heading to the starting position:

10. Start With A Reason

If you think about the reason why you run, it becomes easier to dedicate your focus, strength, and endurance to achieve it.

Simply dedicate 1 mile for your loved one, then another mile for your friend who’s in the hospital, and another for your promotion. Thinking about these things will keep you in focus and with full determination.

Don’t think about how tired you will become. Instead, focus on what you want to happen after reaching a milestone.

9. Hydrate

We need water to keep our body hydrated. Water lubricates our joints, ligaments, tendons, and also ensures a smoother flow of blood towards major body organs.

Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and run slowly while drinking. One sip will surely keep you running for another mile.

8. Chitchat with a Partner

Bringing a companion will prevent you from feeling exhausted, especially when you two chat all the way. Maintain your pacing with your partner and don’t run fast. Simply maintain a speed that allows both of you to chit chat about anything but don’t try to run slowly. Remember, you’re there to finish it and nothing more.

7. Don’t Aim Too High

When joining a marathon, don’t think about getting to the finish line first. There’s always someone who can run faster than you so keep your goals simple like running for fitness, winning a friendly wager, or to simply finish it.

Purely competitive reason may turn into frustration if you keep holding it. It doesn’t matter if you finish last as long as you finish it.

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6. Think Minutes, Not Miles

Don’t focus on how many miles you can finish; rather, think about how long you can keep up.

Running too fast to conquer several miles won’t do you good if you get exhausted easily. Keep your own pace and don’t quickly exhaust yourself. Remember, it’s okay to run slowly as long as you stay in the run longer.

5. Invest In Good Shoes

Your best weapon in a marathon is your feet so any tips for running won’t be complete without telling you to wear a good pair of shoes.

Avoid shoes lower than $60 when shopping for your apparel. Don’t forget that this is the most crucial tool you can bring so shop carefully.

4. Avoid Snacks Before The Race

Once you’re there at the expo, you’ll surely find tons of snacks and drinks that you can try. Although tempting, at least try to skip it. You don’t want to get stomach upset during the race, do you? Therefore, avoid unfamiliar food or don’t eat at all.

3. Bring The Papers

Once you get up early in the morning, avoid reading the newspaper or the latest magazine release. Instead, bring it with you and read it in the event area. This will help you become at ease and more relaxed before the run, preventing you from getting some butterflies in your stomach.

2. Keep Your Best Form

During the race, most people fail to reach the finish line due to extreme exhaustion. Always think about your body form and what your body looks like when running. Relax both of your hands and keep your shoulders low. This will allow your body to save more energy for running.

1. Double-Tie Your Shoes

Always go for double knots. You don’t want to stop in the middle of a marathon just to tie your shoelace. This commonly happens when your shoes get wet, so secure your lace before the run. This will also prevent injuries when running.

Your Turn

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