Your Next Vacation: Rent A Cabin

Your Next Vacation: Rent A Cabin

Why settle for staying in a hotel for your next vacation when you can rent a cabin and enjoy the freedom and fun that comes with it? These tips to getting a cabin rental make taking a vacation more affordable and simple to plan.

Finances – What is your budget for a cabin rental? Consider whether or not you are interested in “roughing it” or you prefer a cabin that will have more luxurious amenities. Do you want to be near outdoor activities or popular tourist havens for relaxation?

Timing – Once you’ve established some of your wants and what you can afford, determine when you want to rent. Do you want to go during peak seasons, or look for rentals in the off-season? Start searching early for a rental. You might not want to book anything right now, but you can get a good idea of prices in different seasons as you look around.

Where – Search on line for different directories and resources. Would you like a secret? Look up a prominent hotel or restaurant in the region you want to visit. Give them a call on the phone and ask if there are cabin rentals nearby, or if they have any recommendations. There is nothing better than word-of-mouth, and what information they give will be invaluable. Another good source is the local visitor’s bureau in the area you want to visit.

Details – Get as much information as you can about the rental before you book anything. Know what’s important to you on your trip. If hot water or cable tv is a must-have, then make sure you find out if it’s up to your standards. Try to look at as many pictures as you can. Never book a cabin rental sight unseen. If you are looking on line, steer clear of cabins that only seem to have photos of the pretty outdoor landscape and/or only the exterior of the cabin. You could be walking into a scene out of a horror movie when you arrive and find the interior hasn’t been updated or cleaned in fifty years!

Obligations – What are you as a guest, required to do? What deposit must be made? Is it refundable? When are all financial obligations considered paid in full?
What are the cleaning requirements? Does the rental hire a company to clean after you leave, or is it your job? If it is, what constitutes the level of cleanliness that is acceptable? Are you required to re-stock firewood or supplies? Know what you are getting into!

Arrival – In the midst of your excitement, take a moment and take some notes and pictures upon arrival to the cabin. How clean is it? Is anything broken? Look around to ensure no holes are already in the wall, there has been no plumbing accidents prior to your arrival, and take pictures of every room before you unpack. A correct date-stamp is handy to have on the pictures.Does the heat or air conditioning turn on? Is the water as hot as you expected? Do the doors and windows lock properly? Make not of anything that isn’t working properly. Call your rental company or owner and let them know immediately. Even if it’s something you can “live with” like a window that stays stuck, or a coffeemaker that doesn’t turn on, you don’t want to incur charges for something you were not responsible for.

Departure – Again, take pictures! Take notes of everything cleaned up for your departure. Make sure you double check every room for belongings accidentally left, and take note of the time and wether upon leaving.
Above all, these tips to getting a cabin rental will make your entire trip more enjoyable for everyone!

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