Your Pup’s Life And Habits

Your Pup’s Life And Habits

When choosing a pup the whole family should be involved let the pup choose you, you do not want the most aggressive pup, they are already feeling like the pack leader and will have a mind of their own. Aggressive pups tend to take control over small children and older adults.

Pups Need their Mom
Pups should remain with their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old, throughout the 8 weeks some of the things the mother is teaching her pups not to be aggressive with each other and not to bite.

When a pup is first born they have almost no sense of smell and they are deaf and blind, they will stay at their mothers side for warmth and comfort.

Within the eight weeks there will be a significant change in a pup, their eyes will open after 10 to 15 days, with complete vision within 4 weeks.

Their Own Spot
Before bringing a pup home you should have already made a designated area for their bed, preferably a quiet area where they can rest, away from household confusion.

When you finally bring your pup home, the teaching can begin right away, simple things like sit and stay as well as housebreaking them, pups need to be taught from the start, the humans are the pack leaders.

You will have to ignore a pups whining from day one when you put them to bed, if you don’t the whining will only escalate.

Walking the pup
When you walk your pup make sure they know the human is the pack leader, they should always walk behind or at your side, never in front and the human should always enter a door way or gate first. Never allow them to become aggressive with other dogs or humans, this could cause both of you to be harmed by another dog or angry dog owner. When your pup is aggressive, the worst thing you can do is pick them up; in their mind you are rewarding them.

Training Time
When training your pup reward him with a hug and a “Good Dog” instead of a doggie treat, one of these treats will not hurt them once in a while, but when treats are given to often they can cause a weight problem.

When your dog turns circles on his bed before lying down it is due to a natural instinct, because while in the wild by performing this action dogs could turn the grass into a comfortable bed.

Never leave your pup alone in the house, they can be very destructive, always place them in a crate with their favorite toy and fresh water, this will not only protect your house it also protects your pup.

Never leave your pup outdoors even in a fenced area in warm weather without plenty of shade and water, it is a good idea to leave their favorite toy as well.  Leaving a dog in a parked car is never a good idea, in warm weather it can prove to be deadly, leave them at home where they are comfortable.

Apart from being a veterinarian, Susan Wright is a freelance writer. Find helpful advice on being a caring pet owner and good neighbor on this website.

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