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When you relocate to go to school, it’s important to consider how you’re going to get around when you’re not headed to class. There are a few options depending on the type of college you’re attending and city you’ll be living in. If you already have your own car, you may think, “Problem solved!” But what if you could save more money by taking public transportation?

Check out these three popular college transportation options to figure out which one is the best way for you to get around town.

Personal Vehicle

You may have gotten your own car back in high school and feel like that’s enough for school, too. While your own car is the most convenient option, it also requires parking, gas and maintenance that can be expensive.

Having your own car will also make you the default designated driver among your non-driving friends. You may not want to deal with the added responsibility of car ownership (and carpooling) when you’re on campus. You may also realize that you tend to only hit up local spots, so spending money on parking and maintaining your vehicle could be a useless expense.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is more abundant and reliable in some cities than others; if you’re living in a major metropolitan area like New York, then the metro and bus are an easy way to get around without spending a lot.

An unlimited monthly pass in most cities costs around $100-150. You can definitely save a lot of money, but you may find that delays and less-than-desirable weather conditions making public transport a chore.


Biking is a popular mode of transport among people living in close-knit college towns, but what about motorcycles? You’ll certainly be one of the coolest people on campus if you show up on a Harley.

Low maintenance, motorcycles are a good choice for someone who doesn’t want a lot of hassle when it comes to transportation. They’re more affordable than cars, and you’ll rarely have trouble finding a parking spot. You will need to get a different license though, and motorcycles won’t be useful when hauling home groceries or commuting in heavy rain or snow.

Getting Around Your Way

Consider the layout of your new campus and look up all the best spots around it. If you find that public transportation is scarce, your own personal vehicle may be the best option. A motorcycle is cool, but not for everyone, and you won’t have as many options when it comes to ridesharing or storage.

Ultimately, it’s best to consider how often you’ll commute, how far and how much you can spend before making a definitive decision.