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You’re Invited To A Jewellery Party

You’re invited to a Jewellery Party

Making extra money doesn’t need to be a chore. For decades, women have been turning to agencies such as Avon and Kleeneze to up their income on their own terms, while having fun and socializing at the same time. The downside to working with these companies is that they often set very firm goals and many women feel this limits the freedom they have within their own business. Setting up a business in a similar way, while staying completely independent, is becoming an increasingly easy thing to do. One of the freshest start-up plans is to buy and sell wholesale fashion jewellery.

The most common way to sell in this type of business is through the ‘party’ method; gathering a large group of friends and hosting a jewellery party. The hostess’ friends can browse and shop, while everyone gets a chance to chat, have some drinks, play some silly party games and enjoy themselves. This is the main method of direct selling companies such as Ann Summers and The Body Shop at Home, and it is incredibly easy to do as an individual.

It’s a straight forward idea; wholesale fashion jewellery can be purchased online for a fraction of its retail price. Buy in bulk and even bigger savings can be made. So with a minuscule start-up cost, the buyer can build an impressive stock of jewellery to retail to her friends and customers. Her business plan provides her with all the flexibility offered by direct selling companies like Avon and Ann Summers, but with much more freedom. Hosting and selling at parties is generally the most popular choice, given that all it really requires is a group of friends, a welcoming home, and perhaps one or two bottles of wine. It’s also an appealing choice to the beginner as it’s a very casual, relaxed selling atmosphere.

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Selling at parties is hardly the only option available for this type of business. Others re-sell online, using eBay or even their own online store, or sell at craft fairs and car boot sales. Some of the most ambitious rent a shop space on their local high street, reaching an ever growing market. Whatever their method, and whether they’re looking to add a little something extra to their regular wage or turn it into a career, it’s an opportunity being taken by an increasing number of women, who are reaping some terrific rewards.

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