10 Ways To Get The Cheapest Rates On Auto Insurance

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If you keep track of the stock market you may see some promising results at day’s end more frequently as of late. Could the economy be rebounding at last? Well, until there is indisputable proof of that, most of us are still going to want to save money where and whenever possible. Since auto insurance is a necessary part of everyone’s life why not start there? Specifically… auto insurance. There are lots of ways in which to make sure that you are paying as little as possible while still being amply insured.

10 Ways To Get The Cheapest Rates On Auto Insurance

How To Save #10

Possibly most important of all is that you never want to sign on the first dotted line that comes along! By failing to shop around for and compare car insurance rates you are depriving yourself of one of the major methods by which to make sure that you are getting the best rate available.

How To Save #9

Save money – Save the earth. (What?) It’s true. The newer vehicles that are considered ‘green’ or eco-friendly are so preferable that many insurance companies are providing nice discounts as a sort of incentive to purchase one of these new wonders of modern technology.

How To Save #8

Your insurance provider just wants to help. That’s what many of the ‘add-ons’ applied to your policy are for. Thing is… they also generate an extra charge. Review your policy and add-ons to see if there might be something in your policy that you don’t need but are paying for.

How To Save #7

This one’s a tad obscure but it happens. There are people driving around with insurance policies that have the wrong vehicle identification number (VIN) on their policy. So what? Your policy is determined, in part, by the car you drive. If your policy lists the wrong number, even by 1 digit, you might be paying higher rates for the ‘wrong’ car!

How To Save #6

How often do you pay your premiums? Whereas it may seem like it’s less drastic to your finances to make monthly payments, you’re actually paying more that way. Make one payment every year.

How To Save #5

Try to cut back on how much driving you do on a whole. If your insurance agent knows that you drive far less than you used to they should be able to adjust your premiums.

How To Save #4

Do you know how to drive defensively? Prove it by taking a class on defensive driving. Some insurance companies will offer discounts once you can provide proof of successfully completing one of these classes.

How To Save #3

Seriously now, who really goes over their policy with a fine tooth comb? Well, you may want to be a bit more attentive when it comes to that piece of paper. No one is saying that the insurance company would purposely charge you inappropriately but mistakes happen. Go over your policy carefully to make sure that you are paying only for what you agreed to.

How To Save #2

Assuming that no one would want to steal your car is a dangerous (and foolish) assumption. People will steal anything! Using a device for the added security of your car, if reported to your agent, should land you yet another discount.

How To Save #1

If, in your attempt to drive less, you end up storing your car for periods of time, make your insurance agent aware of this. It’s called storage insurance and protects your car while stored though at a far lower rate.

Additionally, by paying close attention to your personal finances and maintaining a stellar credit rating (or fixing a bad one) you will assure yourself a better shot at any number of things including better insurance rates.


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