5 Must Have Household Accessories

As we get deeper into the 21st century the old adage of ‘there’s a gadget for everything’ is becoming more and more true. Mankind seems determined to develop a device that simplifies even the simplest of day to day tasks, but who’s complaining? We live in an age where everything can be personalised to our own taste, from your phone to the number plate on your car, so why should it stop when it comes to your home. Here are five state of the art accessories to help transform our home and the way you live in it.

  1. Lickable wallpaper – Yes, you read that correctly. This is wallpaper that you can actually taste. No longer will you look like an idiot when licking your own walls that taste of nothing. Mcvities have created their own wallpaper that tastes like Jaffa cakes in order to promote the product. This is surely the first step to having a whole range of flavoured walls in your house- just don’t let the kids fill up on them before dinner.
  2. Fish tank sink – This is one for all those people that can’t decide whether to buy a fish tank or a sink. Now you can have both – in one place. Don’t worry; no fish were harmed in this creation by a Swedish designer as they are not real. However, this sink is a very real way to liven up your bathroom.
  3. Bedside lamp with self-timer – This device is the perfect bedroom instalment for people who like to fall asleep with the light on. It also comes in handy if your lamp is not next to your bed and you have to get out from under the covers to turn it off. You can determine how long the lamp stays on for by pulling down the tape measure design string that is attached. It will silently recoil until it nearly reaches the set time and then dim before turning off.
  4. Chopping board draw – If you’re the type of person that likes to utilise all the space in their kitchen then this will be right up your street. The design consists of two draws. The top one being a large chopping board with a hole in it. The second draw is where you would place a bin to catch all the skins and offcuts as they are scraped through the hole. This is great as it will free up valuable worktop space for other things.
  5. Slide staircase – Calling it a ‘staircase’ is probably not the best way to describe this fantastic innovation as there isn’t a stair in sight. However, this is the ultimate instalment for your house to entertain kids of all ages – and the odd adult too. Having the upstairs and downstairs floors connected by a slide will mean you never have to call the children twice when dinner’s ready. It will also eliminate those nasty carpet burns they always get from trying to develop a ‘slide’ of their own.

This article is written by Chris Mayhew on behalf of Design Spree. They are one of the leading furniture outlets in New Jersey, providing quality products to transform any room in the house.


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