Choosing A Vehicle: 5 Best Traits In A Family Car

If you are in the market for a new car for your family, you have probably already reviewed safety features, storage and other factors that could influence your purchase. However, there may be other features that you could overlook that could make life much easier when you are travelling as a family.

Choosing A Vehicle: 5 Best Traits In A Family Car

Collision Prevention System

Many vehicles now offer collision prevention systems, some as standard equipment and others as an option. Systems like a lane departure warning that warns you when you drift out of your lane or a forward collision warning that lets you know if you are too close to the vehicle in front of you could help you avoid an accident.

Some lane departure warning systems even nudge the car back into your lane while some forward collision warning systems have automatic braking systems that may stop the car before you collide with another vehicle or object.

Multiple USB Ports

Today, our kids are tied to electronics more than ever and so are many adults. Almost every electronic device today is powered using USB cords that can be plugged into wall adapters or cigarette lighter adapters. However, many vehicles available at places like a St. George Subaru dealership now offer USB ports in both the front and back seats, allowing you to plug your electronic device directly into the car’s electronic system for charging.

Back seat USB ports are a life saver when you have children or teens who are constantly needing their phones or tablets plugged in and don’t want to be away from them for more than five minutes while traveling in the car.

Backup Camera

A backup camera is critical if you have small children. Every year, thousands of children are killed or injured when someone backing up did not see them behind the car. Even if your children are older, a backup camera is critical as it can indicate when bicycles or other objects are left in the driveway behind the car.

A backup camera is like having eyes in the back of your head, keeping people and objects safe in your driveway, but it also can assist you when you are parking the vehicle.

Bluetooth and Radio Controls

In almost every state, is now illegal to talk on your phone or text while you are driving. A family car with Bluetooth capability eliminates the need for you to pick up your phone at all while you are driving.

Most Bluetooth systems in vehicles have voice activated controls allowing you to simply say “Call home” or “Text Bob” without touching the keypad. In addition, many cars are now equipped with radio and phone controls on the steering wheel so you do not have to take your hands off the wheel to change radio stations or use your phone.

Keyless Entry

If you have ever tried to juggle car keys to unlock your door while carrying a baby in a carrier or grocery bags, you know how important keyless entry is for a family car. Whether you choose high-tech versions like touch-sensors on doors or a button on your car key, having the door already unlocked when you get to the car can be a life saver, especially if you have small children.

You can have the doors unlocked and, in some cases, open as soon as you arrive at the vehicle so small children can climb in while you unload groceries or so you can place the baby in the car seat without struggling to unlock the doors. Some SUVs also offer a foot activation system that allows you to wave your foot under the back bumper and open the car to unload items into the back, keeping your hands free as well.

These are just a few items that every family car should have. Although it is critical to keep safety features like airbags and seatbelts in your mind, these other features can help keep your family even safer and your life much more relaxed when you take those long family road trips.


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