Find a Good Tutor for Your Child

Getting tuition for your child is one thing which you should never forget these days. This is very important especially if your friend is studying in II PUC, SSLC or in any other related course which is regarded as the turning point in his/her career. All that you have to do is to keep an eye on the progress report of your child and by observing it closely, you will be able to know whether your child needs tutoring or not.

The subjects in which the child needs tutoring include mathematics, physics and English. Usually the students who are studying in II PUC find mathematics and physics difficult to understand. So if their progress report shows you that they aren’t doing well in these subjects, immediately arrange for a tutor. It is better to take action before it’s too late.

There are certain things that you have to look for in a good tutor. Let us see what those things are and how to find a good tutor for your child.

  • Patience is the most important quality which is demanded of a tutor in any subject. This is especially very much essential for math tutoring. Grasping power of different child is different. So the tutor should have the patience to teach everyone. He should be ready to teach a particular piece of matter any number of times until the child understands it completely.
  • The tutor should have the interest to teach. This is the most important thing which is required of any tutor. No matter however brilliant the tutor might be, it would be totally useless to hire him because without the interest in teaching, he can’t teach your child. So it is better to test his interest in teaching before hiring.
  • Another thing which you have to look for is the knowledge of the tutor. This is also another thing which you should never forget to check before hiring the tutor. There are many problems related with the subject which your child is studying. All these problems might be related to either his inability to grasp the topics correctly or his inability to understand the topics clearly. Your tutor should have a deep knowledge of the subject which he is going to teach to your child.
  • For hiring a tutor, you needn’t to go in search of a good tutor anywhere. Good tutors will be there in every town and all that you have to do is consult some of your friends or relatives for hiring a good one. So go to the nearest college and get the list of good lecturers in that college. Among them, you will get at least one good lecturer who will be of a lot of help in tutoring your child.
  • After appointing a tutor for your child, don’t think that your duty is over. You have to keep an eye on the progress of the child even after appointing a tutor, because you have to know whether the tutor is doing his duty correctly and your child is feeling comfortable with him. If at any stage you feel that your child isn’t comfortable with him, don’t hesitate to change the tutor, because your main intention is to improve the academic performance of your child.

Author: Michelle Lee

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