Gift Ideas: Create a Better Game Room

If you’re thinking of remaking your basement, why not embrace the fun in your life and invest in building a game room? Your family will love having a place to go for built-in entertainment right at home. Additions to your rec space make great gift ideas for someone on your list or the entire family, so keep these in mind as you plan your room.

One way to make the room awesome is to build your own home theater. With today’s wide screen TVs and maybe even a 3D TV, you can replicate the theater experience at home. Invest in a quality sound system, some theater seating and even a projector and screen to really solidify the feeling of being out at the movies. You may be able to find stadium seats in a vintage store or through a wholesaler. If not, you can make a similar look with faux stadium seating and some pillows.

If you’re keeping the focus of your room on games, consider one or more of the following:

  • Air hockey table: Fun for kids and adults of all ages, an air hockey table will provide hours of entertainment on game night. Your house will become the place to hang out in the neighborhood. Bonus: Always knowing where your kids are.
  • Foosball table: A foosball table may look old school, but it’s still tons of fun and might be available at a garage sale or thrift store. Kids will love learning this game and your entire family can take each other on for tournaments. These tables are typically more affordable than air hockey or pool tables and require less upkeep. If one of the foosball players breaks, you need only remove the piece, buy a replacement for a few dollars, install it and resume game play.
  • Multi-play table: If budget or space are at a premium, invest in a quality multi-play table. These can double as a pool table, poker table and table for your favorite board games. They may even work as a table hockey or table tennis surface, depending on the model you buy. Invest in one piece to provide multiple types of entertainment.
  • Board games: Widely available and affordable, board games are great when you crave some more traditional entertainment on family game night. Throw a foldable card table and some chairs into the mix and you have a go-to source for family fun.
  • Dartboard: One of the simplest games to play, your family will love challenging each other to a round or two of darts as they try to improve their aim. A game room is simply not complete without darts on the wall. There are also plenty of versions of the game you and your family can try.

Naturally, the look and feel of your game room is paramount. The space needs to look like a fun place to hang out. One way to accomplish this goal is with the décor. A rec room is one place in your home where you can go wild. Bright colors, colorful movie posters and fun sayings painted on the wall are all appropriate. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your decorations, whether you’re celebrating your favorite team, vintage games or stars of the silver screen.

Every home should have a fun place to play. As you design your game room, choose elements that best fit your space and your budget. Whether large or small, you can create a room everyone will want to play in.

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