How To Redesign The Office On A Budget

Work space has a direct impact on how much work an employee completes throughout the day according to a variety of studies. In tight, cluttered spaces employees were less likely to complete their work in a timely manner than those who worked in open, friendly atmospheres. Employees want to work as a team, especially on difficult projects. Cubicles also prevented people from getting work done because the tight quarters did not create a team-like setting. Walls physically and emotionally block people from communicating freely because they are barricades. It discourages interaction which makes the office a lonely, suffocating place to work.

Employees admit that they would work an extra hour a day in a pleasant work environment according to the study. If people work in an open place where they can mingle, more work is completed. People can inquire about projects with co-workers and bounce ideas off of each other. Not only would they complete more work, but they would also be more likely to invite clients to the office in a friendly atmosphere as well. Of those surveyed only 38 percent said they would be comfortable enough to bring a client to their office. This is one of the biggest influences for re-designing an office.

An office re-design is best to create a comfortable and productive atmosphere. It is not only beneficial to those who work in the office, but those who visit as well. Some managers hesitate because re-designing an office can be expensive, but the biggest cost is hiring people to do the work. There’s many ways to re-design and office without breaking the bank.

Go Green
Making small changes around the office not only improves the morale, but helps save the planet at the same time. Add plants around the office to raise spirits. It adds life to a sometimes dreary setting. Plants are not the only way to go green and re-design at the same time. Change all the light bulbs and fixtures in the office to energy conserving products. This applies to outlets and appliances as well. This will give the office a new look, while helping lower costs across the office as well.

An easy, but major change to the office’s look is to paint the walls. Choose a color thatis bright and cheery, but not distracting. Yellows and light blue are calming and brighten up an office, while white and tan are also neutral. Paint just one wall for a dramatic affect, or add paintings to the walls for something new to look at. If you have an artist in the audience, ask them to contribute some work.

Interior design
Not only does painting walls add a new dimension to the office, but new furniture can as well. Replace the chairs with a modern and comfortable chair or desks. When shopping for new furniture, do not choose based solely on price. You need something that will help employees be productive while avoiding aches and pains from working at a computer all day. Instead of purchasing new furniture, choose a new layout for the office. Tear down cubicles and put the desks in groups so people can share ideas throughout the day. Create sections of the office for teams to make it easier for tasks to be completed. Switching the office around is also a great way for employees to mingle and meet new employees.

From painting the walls to creating art work, do anything you can by yourself. Ask for help from other employees to not only include everyone, but to save money as well. If you need someone to fix plumbing or plant a mum into a bigger pot, ask for expert advice from around the office. It is also a great bonding activity to get everyone involved.

Once you take the time to change up the office you will find the work load decreasing and productivity increasing. Not only will more work be done, but a change in mood of the employees will also be noticeable. Make minor physical changes to see major changes from everyone.

This Guest Post “How to Redesign the Office on a Budget” was written by Melissa W. Melissa writes for DryLand, a business club in London.


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