How To Use A Creep Feed Grinder Saafely

All equipment can be dangerous if you do not know how to use it properly. Creep feed grinders can be especially dangerous if they are not handled properly. Before you use or go to use a creep feed grinder, it is important that you understand properly how to use them and what they are used for.

You should first understand what creep feed grinders are used for; if you do not understand what you should be using it for then you shouldn’t be using it at all. Creep feed grinders are not like other surface grinders and are only used for extreme accuracy. Only trades which need extreme precision will use creed feed grinders, such as marine technology, scientific tools, aerospace and high speed vehicles. These types of businesses have realised how effective creep feed grinders are and understand that they are now needed in this type of industry.

Creep feed grinders do work similar to how normal surface grinders work, however they do have major differences  which will make huge changes to how the usual grinder would work. On a normal surface grinder the wheel is lowered slowly onto the material which is currently being worked on. However with creep feed grinders, the wheel is fully lowered which allows a much deeper cut. Creep feed grinders also work much better with heavy duty materials, this is down to the high accuracy of the creep feed grinder.

You need to make sure that you use this piece of equipment carefully, as it can be very dangerous which will lead to injuries if it not used properly.  Before you use the equipment or are asked to use it, you should ensure that you have completed all training on the creep feed grinder. You should also have someone close to you supervising your work whilst you are using the creep feed grinder just in case an accident does happen whilst you are using it. Creep feed grinders do vary in each business, so even if you have used a creep feed grinder in the past you should always make yourself familiar with different creep feed grinders before using them. The most important thing is to know where the safety button on the machine is located, so if any problems do happen you can deal with it safely and quickly. You should also always wear the correct protective clothing when you are around the creep feed grinder, this includes a high visibility jacket, goggles and hat, this will protect you from any flying debris coming from the grinder.

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