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Our Favorite Socially Distant Activities For Your BBQ This Holiday Season

Are you desperate for socialization this holiday season? Wish you could have a few of your closest friends or family members over for some fun? Worried about being safe and adhering to social distancing regulations?

We’ve got great news! There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the company of others while remaining safe. Just remember, you should limit your gathering to adhere to current group restrictions in your locality. If you’re not sure what those are, look online or call your local code office.

Ready to learn how much fun you can have while being safe? Check out our favorite socially distant activities for your BBQ this holiday season.

Enter the Big Time With Lawn Twister

If your family doesn’t have Twister now, you likely grew up with it. You can take the game to the big time by bringing it outdoors. The best part about these BBQ party games becomes very socially distant friendly when you have more space.

You’ll need a Twister spinner and spray paint cans in green, yellow, blue, and red. Use the spray paint to create a board large enough that each person playing has enough space to remain far enough away from others. Allow no more than four to six players at a time, depending on how large the board is.

If you want to up the challenge factor, turn on your lawn sprinkler! It’ll be more difficult for players to remain on their spots when everything is wet and slippery.

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You Don’t Need an Alley to Go Garden Bowling

Garden bowling is another fun, socially distant activity you can play at this season’s BBQ. You’ll want to be sure you keep disinfectant wipes on hand. This way, the ball can be wiped down between each person’s turn.

Another way to ensure social distancing is to check there’s enough room for other players to stand back when someone is up to bowl. It’s recommended to have no more than two or three players at a time. Set up multiple “alleys” at least six feet apart to let more people play at once.

Household vs. Household Water Balloon Toss

Pair off in teams of two, but be sure each team comprises members of the same household. Have the teams spaced six feet apart from each other. Each pair should be facing one another from at least six feet away.

Throw a water balloon back and forth, taking a step back each time it’s caught. The team who is furthest apart when their balloons break is the winner!

Do You Have More Questions About Socially Distant Activities for Your BBQ?

There are plenty of ways you can have fun and be safe this holiday season. The three games above are our favorite activities, but if you use your imagination, you’re sure to think of more!

Do you have more questions about socially distant activities for your BBQ?

Check out our other blog posts. You’ll find lots of information on this and related topics to help you learn more on the subject.


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